Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 28 Market at Tower Grove

Market List; Egyptian Walking Onions, Radishes, Scallions, Sassy Salad Mix, Free Range, Non GMO, Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs and Tomato Plants. 

It's been a busy week but I feel like we are spinning our wheels. It's the last time for Tomatillo Salsa until the Tomatillos are back in season. We had a full freezer but I've cooked every single one. We did something  little different this time and threw in some Chipotle Peppers. Yum

Last month I had a chicken who wanted to set so I put some duck eggs under her and low and behold she hatched out some ducklings. She and they are happy as a lark. We posted some pics on Instagram but they weren't very good and confused a lot of people (I don't know why) so I'm going to wait until next week to have some better pics on here when they are walking around the yard. But don't forget, we are on Instagram; @sunflowersavannahfarm. I open up every weekend during Market but through the week, our account is private. If it is, just make a request. I let everyone follow who will let me follow back. We post a lot of the things that happen on the farm and just have a good time. 

As many of you may remember, about 3 years ago we got a grant for some rare Heirloom Fruit trees, mostly focusing on an almost extinct in North America Fruit call Meech's Prolific Quince. Even after we received the grant. I had to wait 9 months for the tiniest whips which I grew on my window sill for 4 months and then put them in the high tunnel to allow their roots to form while watching their water. It's a good thing that I did because last summer and fall were so dry. We left them to overwinter in there again because there was still no rain to speak of all through November either. It's a good thing we did because half way through the winter there were warnings on the news that trees and shrubs planted during the summer, while dormant, would still need some additional watering. Yesterday I went out into the high tunnel and this is what I saw.
We had a couple of blooms last year but this is what is on just one of the trees this time. We have 5.
I will probably need to hand pollinate as I haven't seen any bees in there yet. These trees are so rare that they are only found in the USDA Germosphere and 1 nursery grows 15-20 whips a year. We are so hoping to get a few fruit from these 2.5 year old trees this season. After this they will be moved out with the Black Republican and Tartarian Cherries. 

So we'll see you Saturday with Organic Green tea with Robin's Local Honey and our voted number 1 in St. Louis by River Front times lemonade. See you at Tower Grove Park. 

God's Blessings on you and yours, 


Sam and Bill

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