Friday, April 20, 2018

Changes at the Market

Market List;
Spicy Salad Mix, Egyptian Walking Onions and Radishes. Slow Food Cayuga Duck eggs and Chicken eggs,
both fed non GMO feed from
Meadowlark Farm Be Well in Cuba, MO
3 Granolas, Salsas, Jams and Jellies

So last week everyone was so excited about the new layout at the market. Although it was a little confusing finding the vendors who's spots had changed, there was more room for shopping and the flow out of the Market for loading at breakdown was definitely better. However, due to the rain last week and a vendor who was careless, none of the farmers are allowed to have our vehicles parked next to the square ever again. We will have to pull in, unload and then pull off the square. This will make setting up and breaking down a much longer process. Also we will have to set up our tents on the pavement until the grass grows back next to the square and so, there goes the extra room. This will be a huge inconvenience for those of us with a lot to unload especially people like Amy of Three Rivers, who brings all of her CSA boxes, she will have to unload her entire truck before she can begin to set up her booth. I'm not sure how we will all pull this off when the tomatoes and other warm weather, space necessary produce is ready. So just an FYI, the Market will look very different tomorrow and will probably not be ready quite as early. 

We will have our Organic Green Tea and Lemonade tomorrow, several people asked for the tea last week and others were so excited for the Lemonade. When the temp is below 65, it's kinda hard to gauge sometimes but we sold out of Lemonade and so many asked for the tea that we are bringing it tomorrow. 

We'll see you there, 

God's Blessings on you and yours, 


Sam and Bill

P.S. April 1, Sunflower Savannah Farm was 18 years old 

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