Thursday, August 17, 2017

Still Eclipsing

Market list;
Grass Fed LAMB, Tomatoes, Purslane, Tomatillos, Wood Sorrel, Bright Lights Swiss Chard,  Lemon Cucumbers, Green Beans, Kale

The Solar Eclipse event is still going on at the farm in an attempt to raise money for Vesterbrook Farm who has lost everything but the actual Farm due to Chemical drift from a conventional farm. There are still plenty of spaces left. Fifty Five Percent goes to the Brabos'. If it's a good turnout, we can do more.

Certified Naturally Grown put out a page for the farms that are in the path and we are in a Prime Location for the fullest effect. 

So we have a new Wwoofer this week. Deb arrived Wednesday evening. Sorry that there is no pictures, She arrived in the rain and today we had some issues with the pups that kept us busy. We'll have some next week. 

Lamb is back at the market probably for a long time to come. The new grazing on pastures from Slow Food are helping as is the rain which helps the fields grow. On the opposite side of this, there will not be as many tomatoes this week and probably not next week either. So many have cracked from the everyday rains that we have been getting and the cooler nights have caused some powdery mildew as well as slowed down the ripening process. Farming is such a balancing act. Just when you think you are home free something new gets thrown in... too much rain in August, really? 

87 degrees on Saturday, feeling more like August again instead of October.  Come prepared to shop and drink lemonade. 

God's Blessings on you and yours 


Sam, Bill and Deb-til Wednesday

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Happened Last Month and what Went on Today

Market List ; At least 15 varieties of tomatoes, Purslane, Lambsquarter, Wood Sorrel, Tomatillos, Kale and Bright Lights Swiss Chard

As a few of you know, we are having a Solar Eclipse event here on Sunflower Savannah Farm. What we haven't talked about is what happened at Vesterbrook Farm last month and is happening all over the country.
Vesterbrook Farm which is a Century Farm in Clarksville, Missouri is ran by Mike and Carol Brabo. They have for the last 10 years or so ran an Certified Naturally Grown CSA. In the Spring, Summer and Fall, they put into the boxes, mostly what they grow which includes, vegetables, fruits, pasture raised pork and lamb. In the Winter, they supplement what they grow with Organic produce purchased from other growers, CoOps and food hubs. Carol is hearing impaired and their kids are grown and gone. Farming is always a struggle but Mike especially has felt the calling to provide clean food to anyone who wants it. Nay...anyone who needs it. Mike is like a preacher searching for Clean Food converts. That's what makes it so sad what happened out there last month. There farm must have been part and parcel of a bigger whole because Carol's cousin farms next to them and sprays herbicides. He and Mike have butted heads many times over this issue and indeed, the Brabo's have their farm on Drift Watch. Drift Watch is program that allows your Certified farm to be marked off so that "legally" no one can spray anything, Herbisides, Pesticides or whatever.  Last month Mike came home to someone spraying the fence rows on a tractor and within minutes they started seeing leaf curl. The drift came over what they thought at the time was at least 30 feet. Mike being the dedicated Clean Food advocate that he is, immediately canceled his deliveries and made it known to his Certifiers and his customers. They threw away hundreds of lbs. of squash, tomatoes, Kale, etc. because the money did not mean as much to him as the health of his customers. Let me just state here that Mike is no country gentleman farmer, like the rest of us, they are working on a shoestring. Reaching out to the surrounding farmers, Mike was told that "he shoulda known better than to try and organic farm in row crop country". Mike and Carol are not only wiped out financially for this year but even if they could hang on for this year, it will take 3 years to get their certification back.
Ironically the next week, there was a government recall on the chemical that was sprayed which destroyed Vesterbrook's livelihood.
So we thought that we could use the Eclipse as a Fundraiser for this Farm.

We have a field that's approximately an acre on the South West corner of the property. It's directly in front of the Growing area, Greenhouse and barn. The sun goes directly over it from East to West, it should be an incredible view. As Dan from Ozark Forest mushrooms says, St. Clair is Ground Zero for the view, we are only 15 driving miles from St. Clair but less as the crow flies. Come out and share this adventure with us.  
You can get your tickets at; 

Now for some good news. Some of you who follow the blog know that we have been waiting on Bumblebee to deliver her pups. Today it finally happened. 

Here is Jade with 1, 3and 5 -giving 6, 7 and 8 a chance to nurse. We are up to 11 now. 
This is a pic when we thought we were done at 7 but about an hour later she had 2 more, then awhile later another and then the hopefully last. So we will see you Saturday, beautiful weather expected again.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sunflower Savannah Solar Siesta

As a few of you know, we are having a Solar Eclipse event here on Sunflower Savannah Farm.

We have a field that's approximately an acre on the South West corner of the property. It's directly in front of the Growing area, Greenhouse and barn. The sun goes directly over it from East to West, it should be an incredible view. As Dan from Ozark Forest mushrooms says, St. Clair is Ground Zero for the view, we are only 15 driving miles from St. Clair but less as the crow flies. Come out and share this adventure with us.  
You can get your tickets at; 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Eclipse on the Farm

Market List- Tomatoes; Pork Chop,
Vintage Wine, Bradley, Cherokee Chocolate, Sara Black, Black from Tula, Paul Robeson, Early Girl, Lemon Boy, Amish Paste, Blue Beauty and Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix
Purslane, Wood Sorrel, Lemon Cucumbers, Tomatillos and Sunflower Bouquets

So the tomatoes and tomatillos are coming thick and fast although we still don't have all of the varieties yet. I am pretty excited though.

It's pretty quiet here, Jade hardly talks at all. I'm making her sit here and talk to me now while I write this blog. Soon though it will be exciting again. More Wwoofers are coming and on the 21st of August we are having another Farm event. You can probably guess what it is- we're having a Solar Eclipse Siesta ! Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper tickets and here is the link . There are only 100 tickets available. Come by the carload or on your own, it's all the same, of course it works out cheaper if you bring others with you. We would love to see some of our Market regulars here on the farm for this momentous occasion.

It's been such a relief for the heat to have let off for a bit. Tomatoes ripen a little slower but we can take our time in the morning in the garden with out worrying about boiling our brains. It feels like fall a bit and it's crazy to be planning our cool weather crops again, but there it is...time flying again, did you see it go by?  

We'll see you Saturday at Tower Grove and hopefully here for the Eclipse. 

God's blessings on you and yours, 


Sam, Bill and Jade...quietly

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Still Visiting

Market List;

SuperFood Salad Mix, Purslane, Tomatoes; Bradley, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Moscovitch, Cherokee Chocolate, Japanese Trifele, Amish Paste, Paul Robeson,  Blue Beauty, Pantano Romanesco, Pork Chop, Black from Tula and
Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix,

Bright Lights Swiss Chard and Tomatillos.

Of course you should pick up some Salsa and Pickles.

So Rayven flew off on Sunday and Jade is here.
She's picking Purslane in this pic. We've been working on keeping the animals hydrated, planting lettuce and of course weeding. Many of the tomatillos are weeds too. We are still thinning them out. We have so many that it they are invasive. For instance, almost all that can be seen in this picture are tomatillos... and we have thrown away thousands of the plants. It feels wasteful to do so but there is only so much soil nutrition to go around.

Finally it has cooled down for a bit. Now we don't want it to stay like this but it is pretty near perfect. Warm enough to set fruit but not so hot that it drops. So this weekend is supposed to be a beautiful 83 degrees. My best friend Karen is in from Kentucky and we are hoping for a trip to Augusta after Market on Saturday. We have been hearing from Rox and Ruth on What's App and Instagram. I think we will stay in touch for a long time. 

Cortney and I will see you Saturday. 

God's Blessings on your and yours, 


Sam, Bill, Cortney and Jade. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Really Quiet around here

Market list: Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Purslane, Wood Sorrel, Onions, Slow Food Non GMO eggs, Salsa, Refrigerator Dills and Pickled Eggs.
We are out of lamb for a bit.

So we bid a fond Hasta la vista to Ruth and Roxy on Saturday night. It was amazing how close we all felt to each other after such a short time. They are welcome back here anytime. In fact, there are tentative plans for when they make their way back home next year to make this their last stop. We'll see. They have much excitement ahead of them. In any case, they are in our hearts and we are better for having known them. It looks like Rayven will be flying the coop this weekend too, to be replaced by her sister Jade. So it will really seem low key again. She's been here for 7 weeks so it will be really weird not to see her around every corner.

 So we've crossed that line. Tentatively we are getting enough tomatoes for ourselves and salsa, with few to sell this week.  This is a hard line for us to cross, we eat so many tomatoes that it's really hard to get there but we made it. This on the left is our first Paul Robeson of the season. I was dancing around when we got it saying that it was the best tomato ever, my favorite and
Rayven was just "yeah, yeah", until she tasted it, and unprompted, she said, " that IS a good tomato". I know, right? It's not perfect but I was really glad it wasn't so I had an excuse to eat it.

    Paul Robeson 2017                                                Sara Black, Pantano Romanesco and Moscovich 2017  


The tomatillos are finally making and the cucumbers. 
Saturday will be a 103 without the heat index. We will have drinks at our usual low price. Beat the heat at our stand with St. Louis' best Lemonade and Green Tea with Jasmine. They are a a part of the Tower Grove Farmers Market tradition. We literally have watched children grow up drinking our lemonade every weekend for the last 12 years. 
So dress cool and we will see you Saturday. 

God's Blessings on you and yours, 


Sam, Bill and Rayven(missing Rox and Ruth) 

Nigella upon ref

Thursday, July 13, 2017

SO Much R&R

Market List; Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs, Purslane, Green Beans, Salsa, Pickles and we have a bit of lamb.

It has been a full week! Our Fab Wwoofers are still here, I am slowly acquiring a British accent because they are so delightful and entertaining.

The farm tour was Sunday. It was amazing!
I seriously don't know what I would have done without all the people who volunteered. Besides Roxy and Ruth, Dana-Rayven's mom, and Jade and Ember her other daughters, Bill's sister Pam was here too. We literally had a full house for 5 days, but the farm looked awesome when we were done!


We painted porches, weeded, finished projects, trimmed dogs, cleaned and when it was all done, we guided interested persons, served lemonade and ran people back and forth from the lake. About 1/3 of the people who came swam, but you better believe it, when the last guest came through, WE all jumped in too.
I really don't know how I would've managed without these girls. It seems simple, you run a Farm, people show up and you take them around. The reality is that you're in the middle of projects, which must be finished and cleaned up from, you're planting, and you can't stop for a party or you won't have anything to sell. Things get neglected while you are trying to live life and farm the farm so yes, it is a big deal. We love it though.

SO back to the Wwoofers, Roxy and Ruth. we've been Instagram-ing it up with all the new things that they are learning. They just embrace everything from weeding to putting up shade cloth and Super Wal Mart. We had to go for some paint and they were just amazed. It was awesome. They love the lake and have no problems letting everyone know it. They are not too cool for School. While we are quizzing them on British slang, they are learning to say things like " are you freaking kidding me" and "dang it". It's so fun. We are all dreading them leaving but fully supportive of their adventure. We are hoping they will stop back by on their way back from the around the world.

R&R Lake
Roxy Tiller

So as you know, it's been unbearably hot so we threw up the shade cloth. The girls were great, they didn't tell me until later that when We told them what we were doing, they didn't think that it could be done. But they threw in their best efforts and we got it done. 

Finished Shade Cloth

The shade cloth filters the light so that the plants and we are protected but yet the bees and other pollinators can get underneath. It's such a relief after the incredible heat. We got it up on Tuesday and we were able to work under it until after 2 p.m. 

And this wraps up the week here at Sunflower Savannah. We'll see you Saturday. 


God's Blessings on you and yours, 

Sam, Bill, Ruth and Roxy 

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

R & R


Market List: Grass Fed Lamb, Purslane, SuperFood Salad Mix, Rainbow Chard, Slow Food Duck Eggs,

So this week we were lucky enough to get this great set of Wwoofers; Roxanne and Ruth. These lively girls hail from the UK. This pic was snapped right after I picked them up late from the train station in a rainstorm. So far, they've been cheerful, resourceful, helpful and versatile. We've been very busy trying to get ready for the Slow Food Farm tour and they just jumped in and have been ready for anything.

Today, they planted onions, Picked purslane, moved ducklings,

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Full House

Market List- Grass Fed Lamb Cuts, Purslane, SuperFood Salad Mix and Slow Food Duck eggs and Nappa Cabbage 

This week has been a whirlwind. We have a Independence Day party on Sunday, and trying to finish up a bunch of projects before the Slow Food Tour on the 9th and we have 2 British Wwoofers coming on Wednesday and Bill's sister and her family are landing here tomorrow night. These things on top of everything else that is going on here; weeding, planting and reorganizing all the Greenhouse paraphernalia that comes along with growing your own seedlings to sell and grow on into tomatoes and peppers for example. There were trays and pots everywhere it seemed.
Why am I so crazy you ask? Probably the same reason that made me a farmer. I always say, 'there's a reason that farmers stand out in their field by themselves.
This is our first sunflower this year. It's not that we haven't planted them, but we have been fighting the birds and the mice for the seed. We had an entire field of sunflowers planned this year along with what normally comes up in the garden as well as what we plant ourselves but it has been such a dry Spring barring the couple of weeks that were so wet that the tractor couldn't get into the field. After that, it just dried up. We sow and I look out in the field and the Rusty Headed Blackbirds are out there having a party. I sow and go out to apply the minerals that our soil test recommended and I see sunflower seed shells everywhere. I mean I feed them pecans all Winter, why do I have to feed them in the summer? A couple of more opened today and more are due tomorrow so we should have a few bouquets.

SO the Slow Food Farm tour. Next Sunday there will be a Farm tour sponsored by Slow Food. First stop, Vicki Lander's Flower Hill Farm and Rosy Buck as most people know, farm an acre on Flower Hill farm land. After a lunch there, the tour will come here for a look around and some time viewing the flocks made possible by Slow Food, both Cayuga Ducks and St. Croix sheep. Then we will take a dip in our fabulous Quarry Lake. So clean and well just a Country- Good time. Every time I'm out there, I feel so blessed that it's part of our farm.
So get on the Slow Food STL website and come and join us to see what all the buzz is about. We will have our award winning Lemonade available too.

Well that's it for now, see ya Saturday. We're looking at rain here tomorrow -thankfully but Market should be clear. Stock up on Lamb, Salsa and Pickles for your Independence day BBQ.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Bill, Sam and Rayven
Coming soon, Faye, Charlie, Autumn, Dana, Jade, Ember, Ruth and Roxanne. Full House beats a Flush?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

It's Child's Play

Market List:
Superfood Salad Mix, Purslane, Grass Fed Lamb ( ground and organ meat only until next weekend.) Slow Food non GMO Duck and Chicken eggs,
Salsa and Pickles.

Wow, we have been ultra busy this week. Finishing up the nightshade plantings, we finally got to the weeding part of gardening. We were pulling weeds as we went but mostly making spots to plant and leaving everything else.
Monday we hunkered down in the tomatoes and got busy.

My niece, Scout was here this week, so along with Rayven and my mom, we got quite a bit done. Unfortunately there was a lot of nut grass and it was hot. We persevered though and the tomatoes especially are breathing a sigh of relief.
No matter how long we work, it's always refreshing to walk down the hill and jump into the lake to cool and wash some of the dust off. That is what Rayven(jumping) and Scout are pictured here doing. They deserve to have some fun, we all worked hard.

There's lots to do even after this, feeding the animals is done at dark, the water for 40 ducks, 38 Sheep, Chickens, 4 dogs and 5 cats and us is a lot to keep up with on these hot days. We had some soil tests done and are trying to get minerals spread and sprayed on the fields. Every week, we are planting another field with the seed for the sheep pasture.
Even working a few hours a day in the garden isn't enough and it isn't all that's involved in a farm like ours. Many things are set on the schedule for the next day that didn't get done today as the animals take first priority. Before you know it, it's time to do the blog again and get ready for Market. We take some implied criticism for stopping our work every day to swim but I really don't see the point in not enjoying what you have along with what you have to do. But that's just me.
Speaking of, it's that time now for me to mosey out and call the sheep in, away from the bobcat. Put everybody under shelter for the night and crawl in to bed myself. Thankfully I have help this week. Bill is home for vacation(ha) and while Scout has left, she was still a bunch of help. Rayven is still here and will be through the Slow Food Tour on July 9th. In fact, her mom and 2 of her sisters are coming to help us get ready, along with 2 new Wwoofers from Britain. It will be a full month. Don't forget to sign up for the tour with Slow Food St. Louis.

We'll see you at the market this Saturday.

God's blessings on you and yours


Sam, Bill and Rayven

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

New Slow Food Pasture

Market List 
Ground Lamb, SuperFood Salad Mix, Purslane, SALSA, Radishes and Slow Food Eggs, Cayuga Duck and Chicken, both raised on NON GMO food and entirely free range. 

How fast we went into the full heat of Summer. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were wishing it would stop raining so we could plant without boots and this week I found myself both praying and leaving the van windows open so as to induce the fates to laugh at me with a little rain on my seats. I was rewarded with wet cushions when I woke up yesterday. It's the 16th of June and we have 5 more days until the Summer Solstice is upon us and the days begin to shorten once again. The seed companies are already sending us advertisements guaranteed to bring us a great fall harvest. Really?
We have been planting fools here and are beginning weeding as the rows are almost full. Rayven, Mom and I are out every morning very early, earlier every day as we try and get more done before the heat sets in, when it does, we move to different projects in the shade or cool of the house, run errands, jump in the lake and hit it again. I still think this will be a banner year for tomatoes. For those of us growing our own, they are just coming on. Biver Farm posted on Instagram that they will be bringing tomatoes this week, Buila Family Farm started a couple of weeks ago as did Three Rivers with their Sun Golds. We have Salsa this week but probably not next as these tomatoes were donated to the salsa cause. Our plants are beautiful and loaded. We have gotten a few but not enough to speak of yet. 
Oh yes, before I forget, BumbleBee and Huey our Great Pyrenees are expecting a litter in about 8 weeks. 

Don't forget about the Slow Food Tour on July 9th. First Flower Hill and Rosy Buck Farm which are on the same property, then us. Here you will be up close and personal with our St. Croix Sheep and Cayuga ducks. Finishing off with a swim in our beautiful Lake Havenly Cove.

SO the forecast is 93 tomorrow in Tower Grove Heights so come comfortably dressed and ready for lemonade and entertainment. 

God's Blessings on you and yours. 


Bill, Sam and Rayven

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Rayven in the Garden

Market List; Grass Fed Lamb; Cuts and Ground,  Purslane, SuperFood Salad Mix, Green Onions, Radishes and last week for Tomato Plants. We will have Slow Food Cayuga Duck eggs and Chicken eggs also, both free range but fed
Non GMO feed.
The farmer that grows the Non GMO feed that our Feed Mill gets for us must use Organic methods even if they are not certified because the Feed Mill complains that the bags get full of beetles while none of the other feed does. Indeed I had a creepy crawly Sci Fi experience with a bag we had set to the side for the new baby ducks. I went to get a scoop of feed and was met with the sound of continuous scrabbling in the bag. I looked in it and the sounds were caused by dozens of beetles running between the paper layers of the bag. Good thing the birds enjoy bugs, because they got those for dinner too. Still it made my skin crawl.

So Rayven is here again for awhile, most of the month of June and probably a bit longer after a break. So much help planting, fetching and carrying and of course someone to swim and hang out with. Between her and mom we are getting a lot of stuff planted. These are the varieties that we have planted:
Pork Chop, Sweet Carneros, Early Girl, Pantano Romanesco, Japanese Black, Pink Girl, Blue Beauty, Chocolate Chestnut, Tie Dye Berkley, Lemon Boy, Mortgage Lifter, Amish Paste, Plum Lemon, Black Plum, Cherokee Green, Arkansas Traveler, Green Zebra, Paul Robeson, Caspian Pink, Black from Tula, Purple Carbon, Violet Jasper, new ones called Hungarian Heart, Gold Metal, Vintage Wine and Sara Black. Cherry Tomatoes like Yellow Pear, SunSugar, Chocolate Cherry, Yellow Topaz, Barry's Crazy Cherry and Abracazebra.
SO excited about Vintage Wine and Abracazebra! For the last couple of years we have been trying a method made popular by a Farmer in Quebec using Raised and Shaped beds covered in plastic for weed prevention. While I like the shaped beds, raising them above the level of the garden, allowing for better drainage, I never have been happy with the planting in plastic thing. It just seemed like we couldn't get the plants in deep enough and piling the dirt on top of the plastic while digging the holes for the plants, just caused weeds to grow on top of the plastic. We still spent the summer weeding and the plants were just spindly- not our usual sturdy 'maters. So last year mid season, I vowed that I was going to improve this process. I decided to do the plastic in between the rows and plant directly into the soil putting the plastic up to the plants. The difference is amazing. The plant stems are sturdy and as thick as my thumb while most of them are only around 2 ft. tall. I figure that if we are going to weed around the plants, they might as well be stocky healthy plants. I feel it in my gut, it's going to be a good tomato year!
Interesting side note, we just came in from locking up the animals and a good thing too. Rayven came running when I was in the barn to tell me there was something screaming ...I couldn't hear because the sheep make so much noise. The dogs were barking. I just shrugged and said it was probably coyotes. When I walked out, I discovered that I was wrong because it was a bobcat cry! It repeatedly called over and over and then we saw it run past- not well because it was almost dark but still...

Last week I posted about the Festival at the park in June, next weekend to be exact. I found out on Saturday morning that it had to be moved because of the water and electrical issues ongoing since last September at our Market location. Just when we thought that it was bad enough with just the tennis court bathrooms, they tore those out too. Silly park people!

It's going to be another hot one this weekend, good thing too since we need heat for tomatoes. We'll see you there.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill and Rayven

Friday, June 2, 2017

Full Speed

Sorry everyone, I totally forgot the blog this week. I've been off-track with the holiday and as usual this time of year, sorely missing Bill not being home to help with the additional work of trying to get the nightshades(tomatoes, peppers and eggplant) in the ground.

Market List; Ground and Lamb cuts, SuperFood Salad Mix, Egyptian Walking Onions, Coriander, Spearmint, Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs-Free Range and non GMO fed, We are bringing 35 varieties of Heirloom tomato plants perhaps for the last time, Tomatillo and Pepper Plants too.

A couple of items to mention on the horizon- On June 17th, Tower Grove Market will be holding our annual Festival but with a twist. The will be a couple of local breweries there, extra crafters, and we will be open for 2 and a half hours extra. This year there will be an admission charge. The reason for the charge is to raise money for the market. Instead of constantly asking for donations, management is hoping this will bring enough in not to have to do that this year. There will also be 3 bands and of course all of your favorite vendors.
Secondly, I mentioned in an earlier post that we would be a part of a Slow Food tour spotlighting this years grant recipients. We had originally thought that it would be on July 2nd but now it looks like it will be the 9th of July instead. The tour will wrap up here for a swim in our famous "Heavenly Cove" lake.
SO we will see you tomorrow at the Market. Forecasting 89 degrees so dress cool.

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God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill and my Mom who helps more than you all know.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A New Market as well as Tower Grove

We will be at the Eureka Farmers Market today from 3:30 -7 P.M. 
As well as at our normal spot at Tower Grove on Saturday. 

Market List- Super Food Salad Mix, Scallions, Egyptian Walking Onions, Radishes, Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs and Tomato Plants  
We DO have Lamb this week. Ground, Chops, Steaks and Misc. cuts

Tomatoes for the 2017 Growing Season

Mortgage Lifter, Paul Robeson. Moscovitch, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Striped German, Yellow Topaz. Black Brandywine, Pink Girl, Hungarian Heart, Arkansas Traveler, Purple Carbon, Pork Chop, Sara Black, Sugar Plum, Chocolate Cherry, Pantano Romanesco, Violet Jasper, Amish Paste, Black From Tula, Cherokee Purple, Golden Jubilee, Gold Metal, Sweet Carneros, Barry's Crazy Cherry, Green Zebra, SunSugar, Caspian, Black Trifele, Vintage Wine, Plum Lemon and Yellow Pear.

Not much to report this week, busy but no major projects. The Wwoofers Colette and James left on Saturday after market. 
This is the last pic of her helping to unload the van after working in the asparagus bed again. 

We'll see you Saturday 

God's Blessings on you and yours, 


Bill and Sam

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gearing Up

Market List- Super Food Salad Mix, Scallions, Egyptian Walking Onions, Lettuce, Radishes, Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs and Tomato Plants  
We WILL have lamb next week.

Tomatoes for the 2017 Growing Season

Mortgage Lifter, Paul Robeson. Moscovitch, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Striped German, Yellow Topaz. Black Brandywine, Pink Girl, Hungarian Heart, Arkansas Traveler, Purple Carbon, Pork Chop, Sara Black, Sugar Plum, Chocolate Cherry,

Amish Paste, Black From Tula, Cherokee Purple, Golden Jubilee, Gold Metal, Sweet Carneros, Barry's Crazy Cherry, Green Zebra, SunSugar, Caspian, Black Trifele, Vintage Wine, Plum Lemon and Yellow Pear.

This week was packed full of projects. Colette and James are still here until Sunday. We finished the asparagus bed, put up fences, planted almost 3 hundred tomatoes, put down plastic for weed protection, Rusty seeded the fields again for the Slow Food Grant project, reorganized and weeded the Greenhouse, planted Strawberries, potatoes and chased the sheep.
I've fallen into bed early everyday this week exhausted but exhilarated.

Here in the picture below are James and Colette planting Strawberries in between the raspberries. A permaculture experiment on weed control.

Planting Strawberries

On July 2nd, Slow Food is planning a farm tour between Vicki Lander's Flower Hill, Randy and Holly's Rosy Buck Farm and here. Details are still being hammered out but mark your calendar.

So, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday but it looks like we will have a clearing window between 9 and noon so don't forget us.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill, James and Colette

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