Thursday, September 28, 2017

Festival Week

Market List
Tomatoes; all colors, shapes and kinds,
cherry, salad, paste and slicing, we've got them all
Lemon and pickling cucumbers
Sassy Salad Mix
Red Burgundy and White Velvet Okra
and of course-
We will have 3 Salsas too

This week is the Harvest Festival at Tower Grove Market
we start at 8 and go until 3. A LONG Festival. There will 3 bands and beer, over 100 Vendors and many artisans.

This week we have had 3 new Volunteers at the Farm. Rayven's younger sister and 2 brothers are here while there mum is in Houston helping with the hurricane clean up.
They have been mostly on Tomatillo and Puppy duty.

We have been harvesting, peeling and picking up Tomatillos off of the ground and on the plants all week. The dry weather is causing them to fall off  and as usual they are everywhere. The kids have made this week a whirlwind but have been a big help sorting the bad from the good, feeding the former to the sheep and putting the latter in to crates to sell.

It's going to be really cool this week end. Don't forget that we will not be at the market next weekend. The following week, catch me on Friday at the Farmer's Formal held by Earth Dance at Union Station and Saturday, one of us- probably Bill will be at the Market. See you Saturday at the Festival, Don['t forget that we will be bringing Windy Lake's Puppy. Stop and see her.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill, Ember, Finn and  Steel

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