Thursday, September 21, 2017

We're Almost Done?

We will also be at Eureka Market next Thursday

Market List: Grass Fed Lamb, Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Wood Sorrel, Lemon and Pickling cucumbers, Pesticide Free Pears, Bright Lights Swiss Chard and Egyptian Walking Onions

So we're counting down to our last weeks to the Summer Markets. Eight to be exact. Now lets think about the events leading up to the end of the season. Next weekend this is the Harvest Festival at the Market. This is the fundraiser for the season. It goes from 8-3 and there will be 3 bands. Then the next week, we are taking the week off for our anniversary. On the 13th, our lamb will be featured, along with yours truly at Earth Dance's fundraiser, the Farmers Formal. Many of you are probably aware of how Molly Rockamann of Earth Dance is so involved with the Ferguson community. The Farm is used for education about growing food and outreach for the community. We are all so proud of Molly for all that she has achieved at Earth Dance. I remember when she first started the Farmer Apprenticeship program. How far she has come from then. The Farmers Formal will be held this year at Union Station. Here's the link to get your ticket. 

Well this warm weather has really brought the tomatoes on again. We will be bringing a bunch! Maybe not as much as some of the stands but I can guarantee that our taste better than you can imagine. We'll even have some Blue Beauties this week, lots of Vintage Wines, Pork Chops, Mortgage Lifters, Black from Tula, a few Paul Robesons and Arkansas Travelers just to name a few. Oh yes, and finally we have some Purple Carbons. They were the last ones planted.
The Fall has brought the Lady Bugs back too. I know they drive some people crazy but we have been overran with Thrips, White Flies and Aphids and the Lady Bugs eat them by the hundreds, those and other soft bodied insects. I was so glad to see them show up and all their little larvae offspring vacuuming the bad bugs off the leaves and stems. Yay!
Lots and lots of tomatillos here, banner year!

The pups are getting SO big and active.
Next weekend stop by the booth and see the one I'm bringing to Windy Lake Sarah.
Also Whisk is considering this one.
So far 3 are going for pets and 3 for Livestock...I have a feeling that Sarah's will be a bit of both.

I guess that's all the news here for now.

As you can tell, even though the Tower Grove summer Market is almost over, there is still lots to look forward to. . . and this winter we will be at the Winter Market once a month. Location to be determined. I hear that we may be getting a new location.

God's blessings on you and yours,


Bill, Sam and the pups (for a bit longer)

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