Thursday, October 19, 2017

Falling Fall

Market List;

Grass Fed Lamb, Egyptian Walking Onions, 

Sassy Salad Mix, Bright Lights Swiss Chard,

Slicing and Salad Tomatoes, Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes,

Tomatillos, Lemon Cucumbers

and Dill

Wow, I looked up this week and realized that there are 4 weeks left of the summer season. Still lots of tomatoes coming on for eating and salsa too. As usual this time of the year, we are overran with cucumber beetles. For some reason though, they are incredibly bad this year. These are some of the worst garden pests. Ask any farmer what their worst insect issues are and they all will say they Squash Bugs and Cucumber Beetles. They are killing the plants, stunting the fruits and drilling holes in the tomatoes. You walk through and they fly out in waves, a cracked tomato will sport about 20. Talked to Vicki Lander down the road at Flower Hill Farm and they are having the same issue.

Ugh, disgusting cucumber beetles. 

Some of the ducklings that we have raised up this summer are laying right on schedule so we will have a dozen duck eggs this week annnnnd...some of them, probably about 15 are males so we will have some to process for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Little known Slow Food fact, until the Pekin duck was introduced to the US, the Cayuga was the meat bird of choice. The Pekin being a white bird, making it much easier to clean took it's place. However, the black Cayuga, no matter how difficult it is to make it look clean because of the black oil in the feather ducts, they have amazing rich tasting meat. So we have that to look forward to. 
Also we are already lambing. 
After the Summer Season is over, we probably as a Market will be going to the Montessori School for the Winter Pantries. They are looking for a larger space, but as of now our first Winter Market will be on December 11th. We also will be doing a Thursday Winter Market with Eureka on the last Thursday of the Winter months ...and we will be there this Thursday also. 
So that's all the news this week. Next week we'll have a real Slow Food talk about the project that we were awarded the grant for this year. 

See ya Saturday!

God's Blessings on you and yours


Sam and Bill...and the pups

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