Thursday, June 29, 2017

Full House

Market List- Grass Fed Lamb Cuts, Purslane, SuperFood Salad Mix and Slow Food Duck eggs and Nappa Cabbage 

This week has been a whirlwind. We have a Independence Day party on Sunday, and trying to finish up a bunch of projects before the Slow Food Tour on the 9th and we have 2 British Wwoofers coming on Wednesday and Bill's sister and her family are landing here tomorrow night. These things on top of everything else that is going on here; weeding, planting and reorganizing all the Greenhouse paraphernalia that comes along with growing your own seedlings to sell and grow on into tomatoes and peppers for example. There were trays and pots everywhere it seemed.
Why am I so crazy you ask? Probably the same reason that made me a farmer. I always say, 'there's a reason that farmers stand out in their field by themselves.
This is our first sunflower this year. It's not that we haven't planted them, but we have been fighting the birds and the mice for the seed. We had an entire field of sunflowers planned this year along with what normally comes up in the garden as well as what we plant ourselves but it has been such a dry Spring barring the couple of weeks that were so wet that the tractor couldn't get into the field. After that, it just dried up. We sow and I look out in the field and the Rusty Headed Blackbirds are out there having a party. I sow and go out to apply the minerals that our soil test recommended and I see sunflower seed shells everywhere. I mean I feed them pecans all Winter, why do I have to feed them in the summer? A couple of more opened today and more are due tomorrow so we should have a few bouquets.

SO the Slow Food Farm tour. Next Sunday there will be a Farm tour sponsored by Slow Food. First stop, Vicki Lander's Flower Hill Farm and Rosy Buck as most people know, farm an acre on Flower Hill farm land. After a lunch there, the tour will come here for a look around and some time viewing the flocks made possible by Slow Food, both Cayuga Ducks and St. Croix sheep. Then we will take a dip in our fabulous Quarry Lake. So clean and well just a Country- Good time. Every time I'm out there, I feel so blessed that it's part of our farm.
So get on the Slow Food STL website and come and join us to see what all the buzz is about. We will have our award winning Lemonade available too.

Well that's it for now, see ya Saturday. We're looking at rain here tomorrow -thankfully but Market should be clear. Stock up on Lamb, Salsa and Pickles for your Independence day BBQ.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Bill, Sam and Rayven
Coming soon, Faye, Charlie, Autumn, Dana, Jade, Ember, Ruth and Roxanne. Full House beats a Flush?

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