Thursday, June 22, 2017

It's Child's Play

Market List:
Superfood Salad Mix, Purslane, Grass Fed Lamb ( ground and organ meat only until next weekend.) Slow Food non GMO Duck and Chicken eggs,
Salsa and Pickles.

Wow, we have been ultra busy this week. Finishing up the nightshade plantings, we finally got to the weeding part of gardening. We were pulling weeds as we went but mostly making spots to plant and leaving everything else.
Monday we hunkered down in the tomatoes and got busy.

My niece, Scout was here this week, so along with Rayven and my mom, we got quite a bit done. Unfortunately there was a lot of nut grass and it was hot. We persevered though and the tomatoes especially are breathing a sigh of relief.
No matter how long we work, it's always refreshing to walk down the hill and jump into the lake to cool and wash some of the dust off. That is what Rayven(jumping) and Scout are pictured here doing. They deserve to have some fun, we all worked hard.

There's lots to do even after this, feeding the animals is done at dark, the water for 40 ducks, 38 Sheep, Chickens, 4 dogs and 5 cats and us is a lot to keep up with on these hot days. We had some soil tests done and are trying to get minerals spread and sprayed on the fields. Every week, we are planting another field with the seed for the sheep pasture.
Even working a few hours a day in the garden isn't enough and it isn't all that's involved in a farm like ours. Many things are set on the schedule for the next day that didn't get done today as the animals take first priority. Before you know it, it's time to do the blog again and get ready for Market. We take some implied criticism for stopping our work every day to swim but I really don't see the point in not enjoying what you have along with what you have to do. But that's just me.
Speaking of, it's that time now for me to mosey out and call the sheep in, away from the bobcat. Put everybody under shelter for the night and crawl in to bed myself. Thankfully I have help this week. Bill is home for vacation(ha) and while Scout has left, she was still a bunch of help. Rayven is still here and will be through the Slow Food Tour on July 9th. In fact, her mom and 2 of her sisters are coming to help us get ready, along with 2 new Wwoofers from Britain. It will be a full month. Don't forget to sign up for the tour with Slow Food St. Louis.

We'll see you at the market this Saturday.

God's blessings on you and yours


Sam, Bill and Rayven

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