Friday, June 16, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

New Slow Food Pasture

Market List 
Ground Lamb, SuperFood Salad Mix, Purslane, SALSA, Radishes and Slow Food Eggs, Cayuga Duck and Chicken, both raised on NON GMO food and entirely free range. 

How fast we went into the full heat of Summer. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were wishing it would stop raining so we could plant without boots and this week I found myself both praying and leaving the van windows open so as to induce the fates to laugh at me with a little rain on my seats. I was rewarded with wet cushions when I woke up yesterday. It's the 16th of June and we have 5 more days until the Summer Solstice is upon us and the days begin to shorten once again. The seed companies are already sending us advertisements guaranteed to bring us a great fall harvest. Really?
We have been planting fools here and are beginning weeding as the rows are almost full. Rayven, Mom and I are out every morning very early, earlier every day as we try and get more done before the heat sets in, when it does, we move to different projects in the shade or cool of the house, run errands, jump in the lake and hit it again. I still think this will be a banner year for tomatoes. For those of us growing our own, they are just coming on. Biver Farm posted on Instagram that they will be bringing tomatoes this week, Buila Family Farm started a couple of weeks ago as did Three Rivers with their Sun Golds. We have Salsa this week but probably not next as these tomatoes were donated to the salsa cause. Our plants are beautiful and loaded. We have gotten a few but not enough to speak of yet. 
Oh yes, before I forget, BumbleBee and Huey our Great Pyrenees are expecting a litter in about 8 weeks. 

Don't forget about the Slow Food Tour on July 9th. First Flower Hill and Rosy Buck Farm which are on the same property, then us. Here you will be up close and personal with our St. Croix Sheep and Cayuga ducks. Finishing off with a swim in our beautiful Lake Havenly Cove.

SO the forecast is 93 tomorrow in Tower Grove Heights so come comfortably dressed and ready for lemonade and entertainment. 

God's Blessings on you and yours. 


Bill, Sam and Rayven

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