Friday, June 10, 2016

Short and Sweet

Market List - Garlic Scapes, Snow Peas, Purslane,
Non GMO Chicken and Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs- No Salad Mix this week.
Lamb; Chops, Steaks-3 kinds, Stew Meat, Brats- Garlic Butter, Plain and Jalapeno

and while we don't have tomatoes yet, Harvey Yoder from Tower Grove had an excess and sold some to me, so YES WE WILL HAVE SALSA on Saturday. Probably will not be every week yet but it's a start. Looks to be a great year for tomatoes. We have lots setting fruit and those with fruit already hanging. I can't wait.
We will bring a few tomato plants for those who need replacements but not many.
There is not too much to report. Scrambling to finish getting the rest of the tomatoes in ground and due to some family issues, haven't had as much time as we'd like focused on planting. Rayven is still here and learning more all the time. We did manage to cool off in the lake a couple of times and we starting putting up our tomato fences today. 

95 degrees on Saturday so stop by and get a cup of Green Tea with Jasmine and Robin's Local Honey or one of St. Louis' Best Lemonade. We'll see ya then !

God's blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill and Rayven

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