Thursday, June 2, 2016

In Which a Rayven Flies Onto the Farm

Rayven with Slow Food Garlic Scapes
Market List ~ GARLIC SCAPES, Superfood Salad Mix, Snow Peas, Spearmint, Cilantro, Kale, Endive AND

Grass Fed Lamb- Steaks; 3 kinds-Leg, Chump and Shoulder, 2 kinds of chops and 4 varieties of Bratwurst,
Non GMO Chicken and Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs


We're bringing all the varieties of Tomato Plants 1 more time. After this, we will just a have a few with us in case someone needs a replacement.

Still have about 28 Heirlooms and 5 Hybrids. We've been planting, planting but we still have a lot left.

I know everyone is anxious for Salsa but it will be a few more weeks yet. We have tiny tomatoes but nothing even close to ripe for Salsa.

Well we have a new helper on the farm. Rayven is the daughter of one of the girls that hung out at my house all the time (before and) when they and my step daughter were growing up. Dana her mother wanted Rayven to have a taste of how she spent her time as a teenager and Rayven wants to learn about animals and the business side of farming. She's learned a lot more than that already.

Her first night here we spent a couple of hours sorting sheep. I had bought color coded collars that we added bells to in order to distinguish bloodlines.
The oldest ewe in each line received a certain color and then all of her female offspring and their offspring received the same.
BellaDonna, the first ewe lamb we had born here was red. Angelica had the most of the same color as we have four of her daughters and some of those have ewe lambs also.
This sounds like a simple process but matching all the white ewe lambs to all the white ewes was a process - let me tell you especially since some of lambs are boys so that's another looksee. By the time the bells and collars were on and all the rams were separated, all 3 of us were pretty hot in more ways than one.

Rayven was not so crazy about planting tomatoes but as with all good workers, she did what she was told. Wednesday was all about weeding in the High tunnel. She found this more interesting as we did some identification on the uses and problems of our local weeds.

While weeding the Slow Food Garlic Beds we came upon a surprise... Garlic Scapes! This whole wall as far as you can see is Garlic from the Slow Food Heirloom Garlic Project and potatoes from the Organic potato order. (Behind Rayven, the table grapes we planted 2 years ago.)We have another bed too from the first year of the Slow Food Garlic Project. After we picked the first batch, Rayven decided it would be interesting to count how many we got. After she counted 105, she decided maybe not so fun but she finished and posted on Instagram a Guess how many Scapes are in this Bag?post. Answer 276. Still some to pick tomorrow.
And so winding up the week with some help for a change, an answered prayer. We're still planting but the greenhouse actually has some bare spots finally.
See you Saturday, Rain or Shine...but hopefully just shine until the market is over.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill and Rayven

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