Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dang it's Hot!

Market List; SuperFood Salad Mix, Dill, Spearmint, Salsa, Leeks, Onions and Bouquets
Grass Fed Lamb; Chops, 3 kinds of Steak, 3 Bratwursts-Garlic Butter, Plain and Jalapeno

This week was slightly less stressful in some areas but it was so hot that it was hard to get as much done in the garden as we would have liked. We'd water the greenhouse and animals, work a couple of hours, water, go in and do Farm related stuff, water the animals, water the greenhouse, jump in the lake, work outside for a bit, feed and water everything and go to bed.  Throw in a couple of meals and you have yourself a Part-Tay. That's about how it went all week. Luckily that meant I actually did a little canning and got some Garlicky Chili Sauce made today. Our tomatoes are beautiful and loaded with blooms but thanks to the constant heat, we are going to have to put up some shade cloth or risk blossoms dropping. We have Juliet and Black Plum tomatoes getting pretty far along and should be ready by a couple of weeks. I wanted to take some pics of how great our plants look but it just did not happen. Some pickling cucumbers have shown up but probably not enough to bring to market. We've been planting, planting planting. Pulling out the peas and radishes and planting more cucumbers. This week we will have a couple of bouquets. We had some flowers last week but just no time to cut them with all that went on here. So look for Red Hot Pokers, Dahlias and Butterfly Weed in the bouquets. No sunflowers yet but they are coming on fast. I was really worried about getting Salad cut tomorrow but the temp is only getting to 87 instead of hovering around 100 as it has been all week. We amy have some scapes, but I didn't have time to check. We planted as fast as we could for 3 hours and then got outta there.

90 degrees on Saturday so look for our Award winning Lemonade and Organic Green Tea with Jasmine and Local Robins honey. We're the best deal at the market. Lots of imitators but we're the real and best deal. See ya at Tower Grove Park. 8:30-12:30.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill and Rayven

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