Friday, June 24, 2016

Reasons We are Short on Eggs and...Patience

Market List; Garlic Scapes, SuperFood Salad Mix, Purslane,
 Grass Fed Lamb; Chops Steaks, 3 varieties of Bratwurst, Ribs, Shanks and Stir Fry cuts
Non GMO fed Chicken and Slow Food Cayuga duck eggs.
Sunflower Bouquets with Red Hot Pokers

Still pretty hot here at Sunflower Savannah. So hot in fact that we put shade cloth up over about a third of the garden. This is some of the shade cloth here behind Rayven. It's used to shield the crops from non stop sun and of course it helps us out by giving us some relief too while we work, weeding and planting. It will keep the tomatoes from blistering on the vine and reduce water usage. We haven't had to use it for several years. It is unusual for it to be this continually hot this early in June.
Still we have lots of tomatoes coming on and cucumbers for pickles. No lemon cucumbers as of yet, they are a lot slower than the pickling cucumbers. On Sunday the first Sunflowers bloomed out.

Lately we have been coming up short on eggs on several occasions without any apparent reason. At first we thought it was the heat but it was hotter on several days than on the times we got less eggs. Last night we went out to feed the chickens and I heard Bill yell. I ran back, "what's the matter?" he came out of the barn muttering and looking for something. I was afraid that something had happened to one of our animals. He didn't answer me so I asked him again, louder WHAT"S WRONG?" he yelled there's a snake! So I ran in to look. This is curled up in the egg box.
It didn't move even though I stuck my hand in the box trying to get a picture of the whole thing several times. I am assuming this is because it was digesting the eggs. If you look closely, you can see the bumps where the eggs are. I ran into the house and got my phone and called Rayven to see it. We hauled it out of the box with a fork and away it slithered...Back under the barn. When it stretched out, I would guess it was over 5 ft. long. As you see in the pic, I never did get a shot of all of it even though I tried over and over again.
That's my week in a nutshell.

97 degrees tomorrow. See you at the booth for some Lemonade or Tea.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill Rayven and a very full snake.

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