Friday, July 1, 2016

A Cooler Fourth of July Market

Market List- Grass Fed Lamb for your grill! Lamb Chops, 3 kinds of Steak, Kabob meat, Shanks and 3 varieties of Bratwurst- Garlic Butter, Jalapeno and Plain.
Salsa, Pickles and Garlicky Chili Sauce Bouquets will brighten up any meal.

Finally some relief. Forecasts are a lot cooler this weekend. Of course now that we are all ready to have a big summer party, temperatures predicted in the low mid 70's.
The Farm's Rayven will be flying away too. Rayven's parents want her to come home for a bit. It's going to be pretty lonesome without her around. I still haven't trained her to sarcasm but other than that, she's pretty good company and handy too. We had a Wwoofer volunteer for the day last week from China. William came and worked on the tomato fences and the duck blind that we are building to protect the ducks while they are in their brooding stage. We lose so many ducklings every year to predators. Ants in the nest when the ducklings are hatching out, Coons and snakes clean out the nest while the mother is eating, crows run the ducks off the nest. So that's the project for July. Next weekend we will have Wwoofer Collen S and William will be back again as she is leaving.

So brave the rain and come out to Tower Grove Farmers market anyway.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill and Rayven for  bit longer

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