Friday, July 31, 2015

Terra de La Tomatillos

Well these wonderfully hot temps have finally set the garden to doing what it needs to do. Tomatillos hanging heavy on the vine and the sunflowers are waving at the passers by on the highway. Already we have cut 2 bucketsful and have not even made a dent. Sunflowers and tomatillos love, love, love the heat. The farm of course was named after my fondness for Sunflowers but as I say every year at this time, we could have called it Terra de la Tomatillo. While Tomatillos are an important crop for our farm providing tomatillos for all the salsas that you love and ask for so much, they have pretty much taken over the farm. Last week my mom told me that she has a tomatillo in her yard by association and she lives in Wentzville! We transplanted about 600 from what came up and there are probably 3 times more that we didn't get transplanted into rows and they have their own quarter section of the garden. Just yesterday I was biting the bullet and pulling up huge tomatillo plants covered in blooms just because they were crowding out a tomato plant where they were. It feels like sacrilege but we have plenty of tomatillos but not enough tomatoes yet. The cherries are really coming in but the larger ones are mostly still recovering from the onslaught of rain that we struggled through during the normal planting time. We have had enough to eat and for salsa but just now getting to the point where it is looking like we might get some to market.

And speaking of Market, tomorrow look for;

Rainbow Cherry Mix Tomatoes


Sunflower Bouquets

Lemon Cucumbers

Grass Fed Lamb

Sam's Famous Salsa

Salty Dills- both Hot and Mild

Stop by the booth and get the Original Tower Grove Market Lemonade- Voted number one Lemonade in St. Louis by RFT magazine. There are imitators at the market but ours is the best taste and price at the market. Make us part of your Tower Grove Market experience.

Listen for the call- L E M O N A D E, Ice Cold, Real and Fresh Lemonade!

God's Blessings on you and Yours,


Sam and Bill

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