Thursday, July 24, 2014




 Market List-

Sassy Summer Greens-
Lambs Quarter, Chard, Kale, Beets, Radish, Red Mustard, Arugula and Wood Sorrel
Mixed Beans- Kentucky Wonder, Wax and Purple something or other
Sunflower, Sunflowers, Sunflowers
Saturday will be a big Sunflower Day for us at the Market.
The heat has opened hundreds. They will be on sale for 1.00 per stem
Bouquets- Sunflowers, Dahlia and Zinnias
Lamb- Chops, Steak, Stew, Organ etc.
Bread and Butter Pickles made with Robin's Local Honey
Tomatillos- Hopefully

I haven't posted any pics of the Flock for awhile. You'll notice that many of the sheep have orange on them. I marked the girls today to get a better idea of how many females there were and who is pregnant. A few are in another field.
Some People take offense to viewing them when we sell lamb at market. We had a "Name a Sheep Contest" this Spring to name our Breeding Stock, and what a hubbub over " why should we name anything that would be eaten? "
Truth is, I love my sheep and they are pretty happy. They help reduce my carbon footprint too. they repeatedly cut about 6 acres of grass for us while fertilizing their fields and the garden. The tractor is only used to turn over the garden in the Spring and sits inactive the rest of the year. Our breeding stock are generally on the farm for years and years. The two on the right are Magnolia and Angelica, mother and daughter to our beloved Dahlly that we lost last winter. Next to them are offspring of Flora and Lily and Belladonna whom we have had for 9-10 years, Belladonna being the first sheep born here on the farm. The Ram Sire usually stays around 3 seasons before they turn mean. The rule on the farm is "Be Nice or be Tasty".  Magnolia being the only exception to this rule. She took over the Matriarch position when her mother died. She is bossy, a constant fence jumper and leader in misbehavior. To top it off, she makes stepping on my feet a contest between her and Lily. But the lambs she throws every year, like Dahlly are amazing, fast growing parasite resistant twins every time. Mike Brabo of Vesterbrook farms says he would make and example of her but I think she's worth it. Look at her, she even looks sassy.

We'll see you at Market Saturday. It's going to be a hot one so come by and get a glass of St. Louis's Best Lemonade. It's the best deal at the market, 2.00 a glass. We haven't raised our price in 6 years.
God's Blessings on you and yours
Sam and Bill

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