Thursday, June 5, 2014

Busy, Busy Week

Market List-Fenugreek and Lentil Spouts, Our Spring Wild Mix, featuring Lambs Quarter, 5 kinds of lettuce, Purslane, Kale, Red Mustard and Wood Sorrel. We still have plenty of lamb. We're running out of time on the tomato planting so hurry to the market for 25 varieties of Certified Naturally Grown tomato plants grown in organic potting mix using only non GMO seed from Safe Seed Pledge companies. Second week for  Sam's Famous Salsa, come and get a jar. Vicki from Flower Hill Farm says last week was my best Salsa ever. This week we have a new Strawberry Lemonade preserves accented by our fresh lemonade.

Seven more ducklings this week. That makes a dozen. Aren't they cute?
This is another visitor to our farm this week...a latter stage Swallowtail Larva. 
Neato Mosquito...I mean butterfly.

So Billy was in for a week and then went back to Stupid, TX. He's awaiting his release to his transfer to "New Hope" Indiana." While he was here, we got a bunch done. More tilling, another couple hundred tomatoes planted, new latches on the gates that Joseph put in 2 weeks ago. Jessie came down last Friday while Bill was tilling and we planted Jostaberry bushes and Yellow Anne Raspberries ...and more tomatoes.
Oh Man, I can't wait for those tomatoes....
Caspian, Mortgage Lifters, Early Girls, Black from Tula, Purple Carbon, Azoychka Russian,
Tie Dye, Pork Chop, Lemon Boy, Black Krim, PAUL ROBESON
Come on down to the market on Saturday. There's a chance of rain but there are plenty of veggies to nab. Lamb for the barbeque, cucumbers, greens, strawberries and don't forget the Lemonade.....
God's Blessings on you and yours,
Sam and Bill (Indiana Bound)

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