Friday, June 27, 2014

Rest and Recreation

Friendly Farmer Taco Salad

Might As Well Ranch Ground Beef (as Deanna says, "cook it Low and Slow" 
add Tbsp. chili powder, a crushed clove of Buila Family Farm garlic and salt to taste

Chop; Double Star Farm's Red Zephyr onions,
           Our Garden's Green Sweet Peppers
           Sunflower Savannah Spring Wild Greens

Remove Beef from skillet- it is so lean you will not need to drain
Make a bed of Spring Wild Mix and top with meat
Garnish with Onions and Peppers
Top with Sunflower Savannah's Sam's Famous Salsa and
your favored brand of Greek Yogurt

So this weekend we are staying home to finish planting the garden. Some weeds are over my head. Billy is in for 2 whole days and are plan to get some tilling and finish the first (continuing round) of planting and laying landscape fabric.
Next week we will be back with more lamb, greens and probably a new(er) van. Christine is on her last wheels. Sigh
I have been making pickles, the sunflowers are finally blooming and the ducks are laying again. Go figure.

See you then!

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill

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