Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Farmies

Market List

We have 2 more Leg of Lamb for the Memorial Day Holiday,
Chops, Steak and Stew Meat for Kabobs and Shank

Lentil Sprouts

Spring Wild Mix with Lambs Quarter, 5 kinds of Lettuce, Wood Sorrel, Red Mustard and Arugula

More than 20 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes

What a productive time !  We have had 2 Cayuga hens on nests and finally, (it seems like it takes forever) new ducklings hatched out.
Now here is the interesting part; a few weeks ago Mike Brabo from Vesterbrook Farm texted me to let me know that he met a family that lived in Beaufort who had some kids who wanted to work on a farm. I took this with a grain of salt but the next morning, the phone rang at 7:30 and it was one of the "kids" asking if he and his brother could come look at the farm. So they came out but they were actually 2 young men in their 20's, Dan and Joseph. They offered to till for me that Saturday for free!
Then Joseph came back a few days later to borrow the tiller and told me he would be available for assorted jobs. When I questioned him about his wages, he agreed to do the first job in exchange for ....wait for it....DUCKS!
He wants to start his own flock of Cayugas! He was intrigued by the idea of helping to further the production of these endangered ducks.  So while this female duck was hatching out these ducklings, a corner post at a divider fence was dug out, replaced and concreted in. This is such a blessing. Bill has only been home a day and a half since Easter. Things have been coming apart.
After doing this, he stretched another piece of fence to repair sections that Magnolia was jumping over and repaired a gate that she was pushing through. I really am getting tired of talking to the police about my rebellious sheep. Talk about Free Range!

Then today, Peter and Sherry Whipple delivered our New St. Croix sheep for the newest Slow Foods grant. These are 3 of the sheep that we are looking for names for. Come by the stand  at the Tower Grove Farmer's Market and submit a name that has something to do with farming. A tree, a plant ... Our German Shepherd is named Harvest, our Great Pyrenees is Rosa and we have ewes named Lily, Buttercup, Belladonna...
8 winners will get a free cup of Lemonade voted best by River Front Times, OURS of course!


God's Blessings on you and yours

Sam and Bill( home from Stupid, TX for a whole week)

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