Friday, May 16, 2014

At the Market this Week

Finally it stopped raining, but we so needed it.

Market list for this week

More cuts of lamb. We have one leg that has not been pre-ordered so if you want it or any other cuts, please call, 573-259-1533. Also shank, stew meat, organ meat, shoulder steak again and of course the double bone chops that are going over so well. There are only a couple of packs of ground yet and as much as Magnolia has been tempting me by jumping over all the fences, I did not take her to the processor so no more ground for awhile.

Salad mix with 5 lettuces, beets, Lambs Quarter, Wood sorrel, Kale and a bit of Red Giant Mustard

The sheep ate the onions, but....

Tomato Plants,

New this week, Black Plum


Golden Jubilee- Golden yellow, meaty, lower acid with good flavor
 Golden Jubilee tomato
Black from Tula- only a few left

Organic Heirloom Gypsy Black Tomato Non-GMO Garden Vegetable Seed
Gypsy-Medium sized, deepest purple tomato- NEW

Azoychka Russian-Large yellow with green shoulders, citrusy flavor

Pork Chop- another Wild Boar Farm favorite- yummy, good disease resistance

Violet Jasper- golf ball size purple with green stripes- awesome flavor

Purple Carbon- Another Russian- on the list for 7 years now
No Cat facing

Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson-Amazing flavor that is so distinctive, sweet and smoky. 7-10 oz. fruit are a black-brick color. This one is my favorite "Black" tomato, the one that I hoard for myself.

Caspian Pink- The Caspian Pink beat Brandywine varieties in three straight taste tests. A keeper from last year.

Green Zebra
Green Zebra- Astounding almost citrusy flavor. Beautiful fruit that stays green but has yellow stripes. Yum

Black Krim- Most requested "Black" tomato


Cour di Bue

 Cour di Bue - Italian Oxheart

Celebrity- Red Beefsteak- a favorite
Early Girl- Red, indeterminate, salad tomato
Jet Star- Red high producer
Pink Girl- Meaty, Pink Slicer
Lemon Boy- Yellow yummy salad type tomato

Tuesday, Pete and Sherry Whipple are supposed to be delivering our new St. Croix Sheep for our Slow Foods grant. Can't wait! Still looking for those breeding stock names.
Ducklings should be hatching Monday and we will see you all tomorrow at the Tower Grove Farmers Market and Bazaar(Bizarre?)

God's Blessings on You and Yours,


Sam and Billy(still in Stupid, TX)

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