Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things are Looking Up...

The weather has finally been nice all week. Some people are already complaining about the heat...myself, I am reveling in it. We've got some new tomatoes in the little high tunnel Billy and I made. Tie Dye Berkley is a new offering from Baker Creek Seeds compliments of Wild Boar Farm. These plants are supposed be both compact and indeterminate so they made the cut for a non staking tomato (hopefully). I'm excited about these tomatoes... Port Wine Color with green stripes. Can't wait! We will also be growing some other new varieties, Sweet Carneros which is pink with gold stripes, Green Malachite Box, also known as Malakhitovaya Shkatulka. You see why I went with the English translation. These green Russian tomatoes are a salad type, juicy and sweet. Man, I love these Russian tomatoes. . . Anyway, those are just a few tomatoes I am growing this year. Come to the market to get some plants for yourself.

Choose from this list.

Golden Jubilee- Golden yellow, meaty, lower acid with good flavor
 Golden Jubilee tomato
Black from Tula- only a few left

Organic Heirloom Gypsy Black Tomato Non-GMO Garden Vegetable Seed
Gypsy-Medium sized, deepest purple tomato- NEW

Azoychka Russian-Large yellow with green shoulders, citrusy flavor

Pork Chop- another Wild Boar Farm favorite- yummy, good disease resistance

Violet Jasper- golf ball size purple with green stripes- awesome flavor

Purple Carbon- Another Russian- on the list for 6 years now

No Cat facing

Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson-Amazing flavor that is so distinctive, sweet and smoky. 7-10 oz. fruit are a black-brick color. This one is my favorite "Black" tomato, the one that I hoard for myself.

Caspian Pink- The Caspian Pink beat Brandywine varieties in three straight taste tests. A keeper from last year.

Green Zebra

Green Zebra- Astounding almost citrusy flavor. Beautiful fruit that stays green but has yellow stripes. Yum

Black Krim- Most requested "Black" tomato


Cour di Bue

 Cour di Bue - Italian Oxheart

Celebrity- Red Beefsteak- a favorite
Early Girl- Red, indeterminate, salad tomato
Jet Star- Red high producer
Pink Girl- Meaty, Pink Slicer

Lemon Boy- Lemon yellow, salad tomatoes

Moving on, Saturday we will have our Spring Wild Mix again with  Lambs Quarter, Mixed lettuces and Wood Sorrell.
Still plenty of lamb cuts, chops, stew, organ meat and ground.
There will be legs, roast and shank again next week. Order early. 573-259-1533
The ducks are still laying and they are hiding them in new places.

Come by and participate in our Name Our Sheep contest. We got some great names last weekend. Examples are; Juniper, Arugula and for the Ram; Big Daddy Hosta! We have until the end of May so scour your Botany books and come by and drop a name in the jar.

Billy is home for the week end and we have some new help on the farm.

See you all at Tower Grove Market; 8-12

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Billy

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