Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Coming In this Season

So the new Season for this year;
Firstly we gained a new member to the family.
Meet Harvest our German Shepherd tornado.

Next, these are the tomato plants for the Market this season;

Azoychka Russian- Yellow Slicer, green streaks
Mortgage Lifter- Pink Slicer
Paul Robeson- Smoky, Brick Red, Russian
Purple Carbon- Purple slicer
Black Krim- Purple Slicer
Black From Tula- Meaty Slicer
Pork Chop- Yellow with gold vertical stripes
Golden Jubilee- Prolific, gold, meaty, low acid

Violet Jasper - Purple with green stripes

Lemon Boy- Yellow Slicer
Pink Girl- Pink Slicing
Celebrity- Red Slicer
Jet Star
Early Girl

There will be other plants next week as they mature. Come and get them for your garden and pick up some lamb or fresh duck eggs while you are there. We will also have green onions and a nice spring mix with lettuce, lambs quarter and wood sorrel.

Right now our Cayuga Duck flock is at 19 hens, 3 Drakes and 5 babies. We are certain that 1 duck is on a nest sitting on 13 duck eggs and 1 chicken egg and pretty sure that there are at least 2 more setting as they appear out of nowhere by themselves demanding something to eat. A dependable sign that they are hiding somewhere with a clutch of eggs.

Now we have a problem, last year we planned on selling several of the ewe lambs that we raised but they were on the small side due to the shortage of grass and other things. The only calls we got on them were from processors so we ended up keeping them. Now they are all pregnant and I need names for them. Also sometime in the next couple of weeks, Peter Whipple from Glen Creek Farm are bringing me 2 St. Croix ewes and a ram to get to work on our newest Slow Food Grant, so we need names for them also. I have probably named a hundred sheep since we started, many of them we have kept for years. Vicki Lander volunteered the name Buttercup for the one that was born yellow on Easter Weekend last year, so that is one down.
Here's what I propose, a contest for naming these sheep. We have 5 from our flock and 3 new ones.
Remember, all our sheep are named after flowers or something to do with plants. For instance, one Ram we had was name Pollen because he pollinated my bouquet of ewes and another was named Dandy for Dandelion. Here are the names that we have now;
Belladonna, Flora, Buttercup, Lily, Magnolia and Angelica, Iris, Dahlia and Rosemary.
Our Pyrenees Sheep dog is named Rosa.
So come by the booth and submit a name. Get one free glass of Lemonade per family with your submission. We will pick the 8 names at the end of May and Post the winners.

See you Saturday at Tower Grove Park, 8-12 a.m.

God's Blessings on you and Yours


Sam and Billy

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