Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slow Foods for the April 19th Market

Thus far, I have neglected to mention that we were blessed with another grant from Slow Foods St. Louis! If you follow my blog, you probably know that we have previously received 2 grants from Slow Foods, the first being for our beloved Cayuga Ducks for which we have provided lots of Duck eggs to the market and even provided one for a Ducky dinner. Our Second grant was a bit of an experiment for Growing Milo, a non GMO Food source for Raising Old Time Rhode Island Red Chickens. This Spring we began bringing eggs from these chickens to the Farmers Market and have hatched out a few chicks to trade for some work at the farm.
This Year we applied for a Grant to raise St. Croix Sheep as a new addition to our flock. This type of sheep has more multiple births of triplets and quadruplets. In order to increase our flock, our pasture area must be increased by fencing more of the farm. Eventually we hope to up our production to where we can sell whole lamb to restaurants and stores. I will be blogging about our progress in this endeavor.
A BIG thanks to Slow Foods St. Louis for supporting Sunflower Savannah Farm once again!

Now, at the Market on Saturday. We took another lamb for processing this week in order to provide more Lamb for your Holiday dinner. Many of you asked for more Leg of lamb, chops, and roasts last week, so we are striving to supply. Let me know ahead of time if you want anything left unfrozen as it should not be completely frozen when we pick up. So call at 573-259-1533. We also will have burger and stew meat and just a couple of more packs of Bratwurst. Don't forget to stock up because we will be absent from the market on April 26th.
Kitchen Kulture is using a lot of our Duck Eggs at their Brunch at Sump Event on Sunday so availability will be limited. We'll have some more sprouts and green onions. Looking at another nice Saturday so listen for the call....Lemonade.....ICE COLD L E M O N A D E!

God's Blessing on you and Yours,


Sam and Bill (home for the holiday)

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