Thursday, April 10, 2014

Leg of Lamb, New Cuts, Easter, Passover and ....Yum

Hola everyone,

It has been a long time since I have sent out a mailing. The winter has been long and I have missed the last 2 markets with one illness or another. SO sorry, not to see you.
We will be back at the Tower grove Spring extended season market, not to be confused with the Summer Market or the Winter St.Louis Community market which is at the Montessori School. We will be at the normal venue at the Tower Grove Park by the Pool Pavilion.
We took lambs for processing this morning. We will have 4 leg of lamb for your holiday dinner. So call and reserve...573-259-1533
We have had some requests for shoulder roasts and some trepidation on how to prepare the shoulder steaks so I ordered roasts this time instead of steaks from the processor.
Some good customers have been commenting that the lamb chops are so good that they could use a bit more in the package. So we are trying something else new...2 bone chops. The chops will be cut every other bone for a thicker piece of meat. So if I understand it correctly, you could split the chop and stuff it with garlic or spinach and feta or whatever your taste buds desire. If it goes over well, we will keep it this way as our lambs are usually a bit smaller since they are generally only fed grass/hay after the 1st weeks of life.
So Saturday, I will be there with these items for holiday feasts. There are still some brats left, mostly cherry.
We will have all the usual cuts including shanks and ground lamb.

There will be Fenugreek and Lentil sprouts, duck eggs and green onions, Spearmint and not to forget our 4 kinds of granola, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, and other yummy condiments and salsas.
Weather should be great, 72 degrees so I will bring some Lemonade and Organic Green Tea with Jasmine and local honey.

See you this weekend.


Sam and Bill

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