Thursday, March 6, 2014

Let the Sun Shine In...

Well, today it was gorgeous....Finally! After many long dreary days, I never did check to see what happened with that silly Groundhog but I know that this weekend, we Spring forward get another whole hour of daylight. It has been a hard winter on everyone. Never has there been a more difficult one on the animals here at Sunflower Savannah. More time in the barn means more stress and unexplained illnesses and bugs. More cold means a higher hay bill and on and on and so forth goes the circle. Thankfully the last couple of days the sheep have been willing to venture away from the barn. Nothing for them out there to eat, the wildlife has picked everything clean but they were at least a bit more hopeful. I missed the Schlafly market a couple of weeks ago due to bronchitis(Yes again)but we will be back in town again this week end at the City Garden Montessori School at;
1618 Tower Grove Ave. 
We have a couple of bags of shelled pecans left and then they are done until next year.
Lamb bratwurst is almost finished too but we have enough left for this market,
Stew Meat, Chops, Steak and Organ Meat along with Ground Lamb also.
The Geese and Chickens are enjoying the weather and are back on track.

We hope you are too.

Sorry no pictures lately, for some reason I am having trouble posting them.


God's Blessings on you and yours!

Sam and Bill

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