Friday, May 10, 2013

Rain, Rain,Go Away

Hopefully we won't be begging for it again in July but I truly am ready for it to stop. I managed to get about 100 Cherry tomato varieties in last Tuesday because  Don from church came over and put up some of my fences. After that was when the next deluge came down ...and down....and down on us. About the time it dried out and I head for the garden, it hit again. Many people aren't aware that it's not just a matter of getting muddy. It's a matter of soil construction. Working your soil when it's too wet is not good for it. The compression from walking on and working it forms tight clumps of soil that become hard as rocks upon drying and are difficult to break up. In addition to making it difficult for plants to grow, compacted soils also tend to drain more slowly. Now we add plenty of organic matter which contributes to this damage being repaired more quickly but still there are times when it's better to stay out of the garden. One sure sign is when you are carrying more soil out on your boots
than when you came in with.
Now with that nugget of wisdom, here's what we are bringing to market.

Baskets of sprouts and shoots including Pea, Radish, Popcorn shoots and a Sandwich Mix which combines radish, clover, alfalfa and onion. Also grown in organic media.  

Onion bunches which will include some of our Egyptian walking ones and

Mung Bean Sprouts- healthy, nutritious and easily processed by your body which gives you much bang for your buck.  

Spearmint bunches-


Mixed Arugula and Wood Sorrel Mix

Tomato plants grown in Organic potting mix.

Heirlooms- Moonglow, Amana Orange, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Black From Tula, Paul Robeson, Sara Black, Black Plum, Golden Jubilee, Purple Carbon, Caspian Pink, Black Krim, Cherokee Chocolate Rutgers, Pantano Romanesco and Cour Di Bue.

Heirloom Cherry-Riesentraube and Principe Borghese

Hybrids- Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Bush Early Girl and Pink Girl 

and some that I am sure I forgot

Cucumber , Oregano and Okra Plants

We will have a few Mother's Day items for sale and

Listen for the call.....Lemonade......Ice Cold Lemonade

God's Blessings on you and yours.


Sam and Bill

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