Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Finally Here

Tower Grove Farmer's Market and Bazaar's Opening Day is this Saturday. Don't forget!
It was a longer and hopefully more insect killing winter than last year. We came through in a better place than the last few years though. More lambs on the ground, Bigger growing area, duck eggs everywhere, season beginning earlier, whispers that Bill might get closer to home and of course, my health. There is much to be thankful for. Your prayers and positive words meant everything.

While it's great to be entering the season with more promise than last. Some of the things that we will be keeping are of course will be our Certified Naturally Grown status, the best Lemonade in St. Louis and world Famous salsa. We will also be bringing back Lemon Cucumbers, Tomatillos and lots of Heirloom tomatoes.

Come on down to the market Saturday for tomato plants grown in Organic potting mix.

Heirlooms- Moonglow, Amana Orange, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Black From Tula, Paul Robeson, Sara Black, Black Plum, Golden Jubilee, Purple Carbon, Caspian Pink, Black Krim, Cherokee Chocolate Rutgers and Pantano Romanesco but the Cour Di Bue will not be ready for another 10 days.

Heirloom Cherry-Riesentraube and Principe Borghese
Hybrids-Lemon Boy...

and probably a few others depending on how they shape up between now and Saturday.

Cucumber and Okra Plants

Baskets of sprouts and shoots including Pea, Radish and a Sandwich Mix which combines radish, clover, alfalfa and onion. Also grown in organic media. We should have popcorn shoots depending on how they finish this week.

Onion bunches which will include some of our Egyptian walking ones and

Mung Bean Sprouts 

and I'm supposed to tell you that even if she's NOT on the vendor list, Shelley from Whetstone Farm will be at there on Saturday too....with bells on!

Looking forward to seeing you all at opening day....
Check out the Tower Grove Market page for more updates.



Sam and Bill

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