Monday, April 29, 2013

A New Season

Well once again, a new season is upon us. Opening day for Tower Grove Farmer's Market and Bazaar
begins Saturday May 4rth, 2013. Not sure what the beginning hoopla will be but I am sure that the market masters have something great in store to benefit the customers as well as the vendors.
It's hard to believe that the sun is shining- FINALLY! We have more than doubled our growing area and new things are popping up everywhere including duck eggs. It's like an Easter Egg hunt out there.
Here are some of the things that we will be popping up at the market with are;

Tomato plants grown in Organic potting mix.
Heirlooms- Moonglow, Amana Orange, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Black From Tula, Paul Robeson, Sara Black, Black Plum, Golden Jubilee, Purple Carbon, Caspian Pink, Black Krim and Pantano Romanesco
Heirloom Cherry-Riesentraube and Principe Borghese
Hybrids-Lemon Boy...

and probably a few others depending on how they shape up between now and Saturday.

Baskets of sprouts and shoots including Pea, Radish and a Sandwich mix which combines radish, clover, alfalfa and onion. Also grown in organic media. We might have popcorn shoots depending on how they finish this week.

Onion bunches which will include some of our Egyptian walking ones and

Mung Bean Sprouts

Perhaps everyone has been wondering what is going on with the grant from Slow Foods St. Louis? Chicks were due for pickup on April 15th but the eggs incubated were infertile due to the cold snap which included 10 inches of snow. Kelly Klober of the book Talking Chicken assures me that he will have some ASAP and we can get started. The milo hasn't gone in yet due to the extreme wetness of the last 2 weeks. we just got plowed and tilled right before all the rain hit again.

Looking forward to seeing you all at opening day....
Check out the Tower Grove Market page for more updates.


Sam and Bill

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