Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's on the Ground and What's Coming Up

Snowy Rosa
I tell you, it has been a SNOWY winter especially here in Beaufort. Several times we have been the recipients of the most snow in the area. This last snow we got about 10 inches. At least that's what was piled up on the top of the Jeep.
I bred the Girls late but still I was running out to the barn in snow falling so fast that it was covering my tracks before I made another trip. Here are some of the things that I was looking for;

 Yes this chick really is YELLOW...stained by something in the birthing sac.
Saturday we will be at St. John's Episcopal Church on Arsenal with 10 varieties of Heirloom tomatoes grown in organic potting mix. Fenugreek and Mung Bean sprouts along with Pea Shoots are on the menu, bunches of Egyptian Walking Onions along with a new Ginger Apple Melon Marmalade (sorry Vicki) made with local, pesticide free apples and Yellow Doll Watermelon both happy to be finally liberated from my freezer.
Come and see us there.
 Don't forget that the Tower Grove market season starts on May 4rth!
 This would be a good time to mention the passing of our good friend Tim Ryan who previously handled the "bean counting" for the Tower Grove Farmers Market and Bazaar. We will be looking for you, Tim as we go into the new season and will see you on the other side.
God's Blessings on you and yours
Sam and Bill
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