Friday, May 17, 2013

One Plant At a Time

While we spoke last week about no rain after spending the week transplanting, Flower Hill Farm and I have change our minds and are hoping for more than a few drops to grace us. Myself, I managed to get in a more than a hundred tomato plants, more okra and we have 3 different types of cucumbers in the ground. Our ever popular Lemon cucumbers, Parisian Pickling and this year we also are trying Mexican Sour Gherkins.
However, I find myself at an impasse. Bill managed to get home for a few days and get more tomato fences up for me but after the downpours last week followed by the hot days, my spot needs to be tilled again and I need to get in a couple hundred more of the tomato plants I have grown and the fences for those. I had several people in place for the season but with one thing and another they are not available as planned. If anyone out there would like to come and work for a few hours and support the Local, Sustainable Food movement, I can respond with fresh produce this later this season or for those of you who are my loyal Famous Salsa followers- Fresh Salsa too... Really any of my products really are yours to command. Free Lemonade for the duration of the season? Call me at 573-259-1533 or see me at the market tomorrow at Tower Grove Park where we will be there with...

A Wild Spring Mix - Lambs Quarter, Wood Sorrel, Arugula, White Mustard, and green onion- Yum, fresh in a salad, Stir fried or steamed. This mix is loaded with Iron and Vitamin C

Green Onions




Microgreen baskets

and Lots of great Heirloom Tomato plants-

Sara Black, Green Zebra, Paul Robeson, Pantano Romaneso,  Riesentraube, Principe Borghese, Black From Tula, Tigerella, Moonglow, Amana Orange, Golden Jubilee, Purple Carbon, Caspian Pink, Cour Di Bue, Black Krim, Black Plum, Mortgage Lifter and Rutgers and Black Prince(compliments of Flower Hill Farm- Beaufort Mo) 

more that I have forgotten I am sure

We will also have

Cucumber, Oregano and Okra plants for the stout of heart 

and listen for the call.......(which drives my market masters crazy)

Lemonade....Ice Cold Lemonade

God's Blessings on you and Yours,


Sam and Bill

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