Thursday, November 8, 2012 the Markets

We begin the Winter Market season at St.John's Episcopal Church on Arsenal. For awhile we were afraid that we would not have lamb for the Thanksgiving market. Those boys grow pretty slow on grass Finally we got one big enough bring to market. So we will have 2 leg of lamb to sell and various cuts including, stew, rack of and shoulder steaks. No ground lamb this time though.

We have some new items on our value added repertoire. A yummy Garlicky Chili Sauce and a  Wild Plum Blackberry Jam. Pick up a jar of our Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly for your holiday Lamb, Ham or ...veggie glaze. Pickled Jalapenos and Serrano will jazz up any meal. This will be the last chance to get a jar of Sam's Famous Salsa until next Summer as this is the last of the fresh tomatoes. There will be 5 types of granola as usual. You can expect most of these items along with others at the Schlafly Winter Markets too. We will have lots of goodies for your holiday presents. Come see us for things that make you go ....YUM.

Winter Market Dates are as follows;

St.Johns's - November 10th
Schlafly- November 17th
St.John's- December 8th
Schlafly- December 15th
St.John's- January 12th
Schlafly- January 19th
St.John's- February 9th
Schlafly - February 16th
St.John's - March 9th
Schlafly- March 16th
St.John's- April 13th

See you Saturday


Sam and Bill

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