Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Market

Wow what a great market last week at St. John's! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Market at Schlafly Microbrewery in Maplewood. We will be bringing another Grassfed Lamb processed by our new Halal processor in Stony Hill and will be giving away a free jar of Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly w/the purchase of a leg or rack of lamb to be used for glazing. New items this week are All Natural Pear Butter made w/local honey instead of sugar, Dried Pesticide Free Heirloom and Sungold tomatoes and a new Peach Lavender Preserves. We have lots of things to give your holiday traditions some Pizzazz including an amazing Garlicky Chili Sauce, a Autumn Pear and apple Chutney and some Pickled Indigo Rose (unripened) tomatoes. Indigo Rose tomato is super high in antioxidants due to it's purple color wherever it is touched by the sun. Look for our Wild Plum Blackberry Jam and as usual there will be 5 types of Granola to choose from.

See you there, 9-1

God's Blessing on you and yours.


Sam and Bill

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