Monday, October 29, 2012


Just a note to tell everyone that the farm is featured on the Certified Naturally Grown website.
This is the email that I received.
Congratulations! Your farm is now featured on the Certified Naturally Grown home page.

Check it out here:

Certified Naturally Grown farms and apiaries are committed to the highest ideals of sustainable agriculture. Congratulations on becoming one of our poster farmers!

Thanks for all you do to help build a sustainable food system in your community.

The CNG Team

It was a cold market on Saturday at Tower Grove but as usual worth the effort. Many more customers came out than I expected. Of course getting to connect w/other farmers and people who are interested in aiding the sustainability and natural lifestyle cause is a bonus too. The Famous Julie Holley was on hand helping Nicola of Ozark Forest Mushrooms who traded me Hen of the Woods for what I called Hen of the Barn(chicken eggs). Those mushrooms were yummy. That's another perk of being a farmer at market, we all run around trading our wares for others that we don't produce. My granola for Baetje Cranberry Orange Goat Cheese, Sam's Famous Salsa or Jam for Missouri Grass Fed Beef, Flowers for Campanion Whole wheat Sesame loaf. What a bonus.
A reminder, we will not be at the Tower Grove Market this weekend, but will be back at St.John's Episcopal Church on Arsenal for the start of the Winter Market on November 10th and at Schlafly Microbrewery in Maplewood for the BIG Thanksgiving Market on the 17th. We'll see you there. Bring a friend to introduce them to a healthier lifestyle. Plan on giving Local products for Christmas presents instead of items that people will throw in the closet and forget about. Come see us for things that make you go YUM....
God's Blessings on You and Yours.
Sam and Bill

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