Thursday, May 3, 2012

Season's Greetings

Saturday starts the Market Season at Tower Grove Farmers Market and Bazaar. In many ways it seemed like a long winter but in others, it was as if  it was just last week that we wrapped it up. It was a productive winter in spite of the fact that it seemed like I was getting nothing done. God has a way of making things happen whether you are aware of it or not. The rhubarb that The Famous Julie Holley planted last year, came back and Egyptian Walking Onions and oregano overwintered it was so mild. The Lemongrass survived in an unheated greenhouse along w/the lavender. In February as you know, we started tomatoes to sell as plants and to grow in our fields.
Saturday we will be bringing everything listed here except for the lavender and the lemongrass. In addition, there will be cilantro, radishes and genovese basil plants. The tomato varieties will be as follows;
Heirlooms: Black Plum, Amish Paste, Paul Robeson, Mortgage Lifter, Golden Jubilee, Garden Peach(just a few,) Principe Borghese, Arkansas Traveler, Black from Tula, Tigerella, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Amana Orange, Green Zebra and Prudens Purple(which is really pink).
Hybrids, Celebrity and Pink Girl

These are all grown in Organic potting mix and most kinds of seed are from Organic sources. This is the last year that we will offer Celebrity. I have recently found out that Monsanto bought the rights to Celebrity. Until the government puts GMO(genetically modified) labeling into effect and we can be sure that they are not, we will not grow them again.

As usual, we will have our well known Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, Five kinds of Granola and fresh Cayuga duck eggs. Listen for the call of  "Lemonade, ICE COLD LEMONADE". Ground lamb and stew meat is an offering and a few lbs of Rosemary and Thyme Bratwurst. Look for us there.

Directions; 44 to Kingshighway.
Kingshighway to Magnolia
Magnolia to Center Cross R
go past the tennis courts and look to your left up the incline.


Sam and Bill

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