Thursday, May 10, 2012

Onward and Upward

Wow what a GRAND opening market! Hopefully this is a foretelling of the Season to come. Tower Grove management did a great job setting up the promotion along w/Chipotle Grill. A ton of people came to our stand and bought lamb, lemonade and heirloom tomato plants. Seriously, best market ever.

We've been waiting for the Cayugas to start nesting. After all they've been laying since December. I had been noticing the last week that some of our hens had been AWOL the last week or so but many times they split up into different groups when they forage. I wasn't sure if it was coincidence but a couple of them had been coming out quacking at me from the same direction each time. This generally means that they are nesting and want me to feed them separately from everyone else.Yesterday when  Bill and I were out working by the barn I decided to investigate. In some fencing we had laid aside for a future project, this is is a picture of what I found. One of the ducks had 17 eggs under her and the other had 8. We took 4 from the one and gave it to the other so that they would incubate at an even temp.

Saturday we will be back at Tower Grove with Lamb Stew meat,  Rosemary and Thyme lamb Bratwurst, and yummy nitrate free dog bones.
Heirloom tomato plant list includes Black from Tula, Green Zebra, Azoycha Russian, Paul Robeson, Golden Jubilee, Nyagous, Black Plum, Amana Orange, Arkansas Traveler, Aunt Ruby's Green, Black Sea Man( a few and pretty small).
There are a few Pink Girls and Celebrity.

Lots of Duck eggs this week so make sure that you stop and get some to go w/our 5 varieties of breakfast granola...

Listen for the call of Lemonade....Ice Cold LEMONADE.

Stop and say hi to Bill.


Sam and Bill

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