Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving On

Hey all,
Here is a pic of how well the tomato plants are doing since planting. Although really, these were taken 2 weeks ago before I entered the hospital. I took pics so I could work on the blog while I had some free time. However it worked out that I just didn't feel up to it. So there is actually 2 more weeks growth on these plants. You can see where we started using recycled materials as weed barrier. To the right is pool liner. We also used left over landscape fabric and feed sacks. Over this last weekend, Bill's family; brother Merle and his 2 kids Becca and Wayne, his sister Pam, her husband Steve and their 2 kids, Anne and Andrea spent time  ccovering more area w/ trash bags, an old tent that they cut into pieces. They used old hoses over the awning in the garden to run the cucumbers up vertically to be more space efficient. Can't wait to get home and see it all.

Here are some of our Egyptian Walking Onions. Not only do they multiply at the root, but as you can see at the curl of the stem 3 baby onions have formed and are waiting for the stem to fall over onto the ground and form new onions. They can also be pinned to the ground or the bulblets broken off and planted manually. Behind the onions you can see the Chinese Red Noodle beans that have put off runners and will be trained up the fence so that we can pick from the other side of the fence while standing. 
Sunflower Savannah Farm will be at Tower Grove Farmers Market this weekend and I may even be there. If I'm not and maybe even if I am, our new intern Jacob will be be joining us this week. He starts on Wednesday. So if you see a new face, come on by and welcome him to the Market. He's committed himself to the end of the season.
We'll still have multiple varieties of Heirloom Tomato Plants. It's not too late.


Sam and Bill

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