Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodness, Gracious, Great balls of Fire...!

Warning, the pictures here are pretty graphic due to the drastic changes made in such a short time.
Yesterday, the group from the Concord Church came out again. These pictures are of trees had overshadowed the greenhouse. Wisteria and trumpet vines had grown into the trees majorly  obscuring sunlight in the greenhouse. This is a view from either side when we started.
Here is Bill taking down the first tree and the guys pulling the branches and vines.

End Result. Joey and Andy finishing up.

While this was getting done, on the other side of the yard...weeding and thinning by Charli, Candace and Chris.
Raised beds being filled w/organic compost from route 66 organics by Curt and Co.
Grapevines pruned and saplings removed.

You can see that it wasn't the best day weather wise but the rain shifted as they began working.
In the garden, Vicki Lander owner of Flower Hill Farm was planting Celosias, Sunflowers and Amaranth along w/the Famous Julie Holley and my niece Scout. Cathy, Melissa and Carol asked for jobs inside and so were reorganizing my cabinets and cupboards.
Drew, Andrew and Alyx hauled brush. Larry was responsible for tree removal in the side yard. Chris 1 and 2 were everywhere at once. There were several people who's names that I do not remember but they certainly made their mark. Bill and I were just in awe of how much got finished in such a short time. All of these things will make the season's start much easier.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support ourselves and Local Food
 Sam and Billy at Sunflower Savannah Farm.


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