Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday's Progress

Behold Melon watching the beginning of Saturday's tomato planting. We had about 16  people show up here to make life a little easier for us. Mike Brabo( contacted some people from his CSA and his church . Besides Mike and his wife Carol, Josh and Bethany, Al Smith came out w Larry, the Englands' were here and Ashley and Dave.The tomatoes were all planted. I didn't do exact count but I think about 250-275. I was pretty tired even though I did very little work. I will get exact number for tomorrow's blog about today's Farm Maintenance day. A lot of these were cherry varieties.
Here is the lower field after being planted. The reason for the discrepancy in color is that we were supplementing w/ organic compost as the tomatoes were planted.

This is some of the Sunflower Bees distributing this mix in the upper garden area. What would happen is that Billy would dump the scoops on a tarp and then everyone would put it where we were going to plant.

Below, Josh and Bethany (on Ground) Dave and Ashley standing. Tomatoes at attention.

Billy and Larry working on Tomato fences, Bethany and Al Planting tomatoes.
Al helps Mike out on his farm too. Lucky Mike.

Carol Planted the cucumbers and Ashley got the Pole Beans in the raised beds. We are going to train them up the fences on the outside of the raised beds, over the top so we can pick from the other side standing w/the baskets on the ground. At least that's the theory. So accomplished a bunch and if the rain holds off we will have more to report tomorrow. Can't wait!

Many Thanks to Larry for the Lopping Pruners!


Sam and Bill

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