Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oddball Summer

For those of you who know us, you know it has been a strange year. I'm still recovering from 2 back surgeries, Billy is still in Stupid Texas, throw in a dad w/Alzheimer's and you've got yourself a brew. For those of you who are Farmers, you know that it has been a weird season. Rain, rain, rain, cold and miserable until the middle of June then Poof, we're in the middle of a drought/heatwave even w/the help that Vesterbrook farm and my mother in law Bessie contributed, I had a hard time getting the tomatoes all in the ground. Lets not talk about the weeds that grew while recuperating and time spent driving to the Bootheel to make sure that my Dad was okay. While we've had onions, cut flowers, lettuce, kale and other greens, as usual I am short on tomatoes. Especially for all the salsa we produce. Double Star Farms has been throwing us their culls in exchange for our famous lemonade. Sweet Peppers from Our Garden w/the same arrangement. We planted lots and they come on but not fast enough for homegrown tomatoes. Like I always say, if we can't use them, the sheep will eat them and if the sheep won't, the chickens and ducks will.
In the same vein, The Brabos of Vesterbrook Farm are looking to sell their Bourbon Red Turkeys and their Sex Link Chicken Flock as well. They are Certified Naturally Grown and last year they got 9.85 a lb for the turkeys at Thanksgiving. Call me at 573-259-1533 for Mike's number.

See YOU Saturday at Tower Grove

Sam and Bill

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