Friday, May 13, 2011


Last weekend we were inspected again for the Certified Naturally Grown program and I am happy to say that we passed. Vesterbrook Farm's Mike Brabo did the inspection. While he was here, I mentioned that w/my back issues, I wasn't sure how I was going to get my planting or tilling done. Bill was home for a week from Dallas but just could not get everything finished during his "vacation". Mike didn't even hesitate, he said "do you want us to come out?" To which I replied, " that would be great!' I mean, I'm no dummy. So Wednesday, he showed up w/6 people. They finished tilling my garden spot, put up my tomato fence, planted some of my flowers, tomatoes and strawberries from my greenhouse, and lots of other misc. stuff. Of course there is still plenty to do around here, but I really don't know how I would've gotten the tilling, and the fences done even if I could have managed the planting(much more slowly than they). So many thanks to Vesterbrook Farm and their help, Gretchen, Josh, Mark, Josiah, Abby, Steve and their noble leader Mike.
We will be at Tower Grove tomorrow with an amazing lettuce mix, Red Russian Kale, Bunched onions, Arugula flowers, Wood Sorrel, Fresh Strawberry jam, bouquets and your well known favs, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly and the Lemonade voted BEST in St. Louis by The River Front Times. 
There will be herbs and a limited variety of the Heirloom tomatoes mentioned in previous postings. Brandywines, Green Zebras, Celebrity, Black Plum, Tigerella, Speckled Roman, Black from Tula and Paul Robeson. We have had a time w/Fungus Gnats dues to the overcast sloppy weather and things have not done as well as usual. There will be a larger selection next week.
Hope to see you there.


Sam and Bill

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