Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away


Well it's great weather for ducks that is for sure. I know because my Cayugas are enjoying it. The sheep however and the chickens aren't too thrilled. The barnyard is a complete muck as is the garden and yard. Good thing that we have the raised beds because there is no way that we can get anything in the garden. The weather states that the rain is finally letting up and as Billy will be home for a week from TX, we hope it will dry up enough to get the contents of the barn emptied into the garden. Maybe then we can begin planting some warm season produce. 
Above are 3 more pics of tomato types that we are offering for sale this year at the Tower Grove Market and possibly a few times at Schlafly. Top left are Speckled Romans a new variety we are trying this year. Top Right are one of my very favorite varieties Paul Robesons. I didn't mention them in the last blog as I was unsure that we had gotten any planted before I went into the hospital but I found a tray that germinated well along w/the seed packet to match it. So YAY we will have some Paul Robesons to offer for your growing needs. As you probably know, these tomatoes we named after the Opera singer and Black rights activist Paul Robeson who sang Old Man River. Their flavor is described as Smoky which I agree is a true statement. We have been growing them for 5 years.
Bottom center are Green Zebras. Described as citrusy. A great salad, slicing or just eating out of the garden tomato. Like the Robesons, once we started growing them, we never turned back. They are a must have every season.
Next week starts the 2011 market season at Tower Grove. Let's make it a good one.

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