Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hope, Help and HomeGrown Tomatoes- Plans for 2011

So, due to A- LOT of mitigating circumstances, I am back in the wonderful state of Missouri. Most assuredly I should've been blogging before now but as circumstances known as ANOTHER back surgery have kept me from being able to sit at the computer.

The strange thing is, even though all of these things have been happening, the greenhouse is full! Before my surgery, my family came to my house. My husband and brother in law Joey filled trays, I seeded, and my mom, Betty, sister Charli and niece, Maysun Elizabeth Scout marked trays. While this was going on, Scout , nephew Andrew and Joey planted onions and weeded beds.

During my convalescence, I thought I would be able to stay alone, but this was not the case. Many of my Farm girls from the Markets stepped in. Mary Ellen from Maplewood came and stayed 2 days w/me, she, Julie Ridlon and The Famous Julie Holley brought me food, worked my greenhouse, weeded strawberries and tried to make sense of the mess that was my house. Lori Murray who is SO busy w/her orchard and bed and breakfast brought out a feast and kept me company for an evening. She hid slices of pumpkin pie in the freezer so that they would be there when food tasted good again. Heck the head of the O'Fallon market didn't even know me, but called and offered me a massage. Sally, not one of the market girls but who shares my interest in growing things, spent several nights w/me. Billy's Brother and sister Merle and Pam came out to clean and organize several times. Cheri and Doug came out w/all of the above people and helped put my furniture back in place. My mom and mother in law Bessie of course took the brunt of things doing everything that I couldn't long after everyone had to go back to their regular lives. It took me a few weeks to be strong enough to even water in the greenhouse, all I could do is walk out and advise. It's been a rough spring but we were truely blessed w/help.

People have been emailing me about what will be the offerings this year. So in answer to what's in the greenhouse tomato-ally speaking...

Heirlooms-Amana Orange, Golden Jubilee, Green Zebra, Speckled Roman, Violet Jasper, Black From Tula, Purple Carbon, Amish Paste, Brandywine, Virginia Sweetie and Tigerella.

Hybrids-Early Girl, Early Wonder, Celebrity, Pink Girls and Lemon Boys.

Maybe a couple others depending on crop success/failure.

For sale at the market as produce besides these things, we will be offering Paul Robesons, Lemon Boys and Chocolate Cherry tomatoes.

We have also lavender, curry and lemon grass in the greenhouse, along w/a Lemon Tree that we got 4 lemons off of before Christmas and is blooming again.

Crops coming in soon are lettuce mixes and garlic and Wednesday we were at Schlafly w/Asparagus, Arugula and fresh onions.

SO I guess that's about it, I'm back at the Farm indefinitely. Bill and I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who stepped up.

To those of you that I promised the blog to yesterday, I want to say I'm sorry but I had trouble w/the laptop. Thanks for your patience.


Sam and Bill

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