Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's been awhile since I have blogged. For one reason, I have been terribly homesick and lost away from the farm. We have been home a few times and will be in town for Billy's 50th birthday this weekend. However for all of us, Gina included, it has been one adjustment after another. I'm sure that you have seen Gina and her son at the market and her new sidekick Billy the Kid otherwise known as Billy Two. Not to be confused with Billy one, my Billy.

Gina has added some new stuff to the mix this year. Along w/our basics, A new jelly called Haben' Hot Apricot and a Turkish granola are now offered. She took these pictures above. We have some more ducks added to the flock and the gosling has grown up more beautiful than can be believed. Hard to believe that the season is winding up already. Time to stock your pantry w/those items made from summers bounty because soon we will be into the once a month winter markets and you will be mourning the season past. See you at the Markets.
Sam, Billy and Gina

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