Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fessing up

Although many of you have never been to the Market, many of you probably have noticed a new face at the Savannah market stand. That new face is Gina Dahlstrom(formerly of Centennial Farm) and she is the new Sunflower Savannah Farm manager. Why do we need a Farm Manager you ask? It's time to let the cat out of the bag and tell everyone that...Bill and I have been transferred to Dallas, TX. Well Bill has been transferred and as the Bible says, Where he goes, so do I(paraphrased of course from Ruth} but trust, I went kicking and screaming.
Gina has agreed to come on board and run the farm for awhile so that hopefully when we come back, we can step into things again. While she will be doing things a little different, most of the recipes and the old fashioned look will be the same. Bill and I will be coming in periodically to help out and work w/Gina but mostly it will be her ingenuity getting things done.
As far as what is going on at the farm, we have had several baby ducks born this Spring and almost all the lambs have found a home. We are home for 2 weeks for this and that. The tomatoes are stating to come on as are the tomatillos. Gina has tried out several new recipes and a Haben Hot Apricot is selling like crazy and of course it's SALSA season So as you see things will carry on as before even if they are a little different. We will still do the blog and it will be updated more regularly as things settle in. Gina will be sending me pics and I will be taking some of my own on trips home. So keep checking the blog and come and see us at the market.

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