Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy, Busy and this week at Tower Grove

So this week was a pretty good week weather-wise anyway. A little cooler, a little rain on Tuesday. not enough to split the tomatoes but enough to make weeding easier which we got a lot of done. This pic a a lot others that I will be adding here and to the website was taken by Julie Dawson, newly starting her photography business.
We were able to get a bunch of tomatillos staked up and found some of our lost tomato plants in the weeds. The sunflowers are going crazy as they well should be on a farm called Sunflower Savannah.  We've hatched out a few ducks and found 3 more adult females to add to the flock. Some chicks have been hatched out and we are trying to finish off our 3 rams to sell for meat.
This week at the Market we will have Bouquets w/Sunflowers, Celosia, Glads and other neato stuff, Concord grapes, Crunchy Dill Pickles, Watermelon Rind Marmalade, and a new Summer Harvest Jam. Of course it goes w/out saying that there will be lemonade, tea and Sam's Famous Salsa.
Mike Brabo from Vesterbrook Farm is still looking to sell his Bourbon Red Turkey Flock and his Sex link Chicken flock. Both have been raised on Organic feed and the turkeys brought big bucks at Thanksgiving last year. They also have a reefer van for sale. Call Mike at 573-560-0871.
See you at Tower Grove on Saturday.

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