Monday, April 5, 2010

Proper Etiquitte for a (Green)Mob and Travel Advice

April 10th, 10 a.m. Sunflower Savannah Crop Mob

As the norm in a profession that you are familiar with, it's easy to think that everyone else knows exactly how things work. A lawyer needs his briefcase and suits, a Metal Worker, protective goggles and gloves. Perhaps though someone might not realize that as a Farmer, it's a good idea to always have a clean change of clothes and shoes handy. Things Happen.

So here are items that might be on your list when you go to Crop Mob.

Sunscreen- Temp supposed to be 77 on Saturday
Loose comfortable clothing- Shorts okay, but-you might be in the barn and again, things happen.
Bug repellent depending on how squimish you are; at the very least there will be flies and gnats.
Hat and gloves
A hand trowel, hammer or shovel depending on your talents.
Shoes or Boots that don't matter if you get muddy
Change of clothes just in case.

Now we are trying to be as green as possible for this event.
We will be providing paper items for eating and drinking AND we will be providing the food and drinks, but the HIP, GREEN thing to do is to bring your own glass, plate and utensils. If this is possible, this will be one more nod to the environment.

How to get to Sunflower Savannah:
6290 HWY 185 Beaufort MO 63013

From St.Louis;
44W to exit 247 Union
Continue right onto Hwy 50 W for approximately 17 miles
As you come in Beaufort, you will see a Mobil Station on left-slow down
Then you will see a Voss Conoco Station on right-slow more
IMMEDIATELY behind Conoco building is Hwy 185N turn right
Go app. 8/10ths of a mile, you will see a county road, Krenning on right-slow again
We are NEXT drive on right. Exactly 9/10ths of a mile from Hwy 50 and 185
Gray 2 story house w/green fence.

Here is Sam's number if you get lost- 573-259-1533

Don't forget to contact Pat Quigley to sign up



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