Friday, April 9, 2010


Surely, Everyone Knows by now?

Sunflower Savannah is being CROP MOBBED on April 10th 2010.

Molly has been broadcasting far and wide while doing her Earth Dance, I've been Blogging my fingers off, Pat is Facebooking away and fielding hundreds of emails(mostly from me), Gina has been helping me prepare for the 30ish people we are expecting, Kelly from Slow Foods is doing her part and Julie Ridlon has a sumptuous feast planned.

By the by, Everything planned is to be L O C A L.

Julie Ridlon, locally known Chanterelle Catering's famous founder will be providing her services gratis. The eggs and onions for the frittatas and the baby radishes for the salad will be from Sunflower Savannah. Andy Ayers has procured some local Spinach from South County. Not sure from who, but you know Andy, if he says Local, it's LOCAL. Nicola has donated mushrooms from her famous Ozark Forest Farm but sadly I hear she can't be here tomorrow, she has help issues herself. We will have our tea and Lemonade that we usually sell at the market.

If anyone you know wants to participate;

Contact Pat

or if you know me from market and only know my number, you can call me- 573-259-1533

Everyone remember- hand tools(trowels, shovels, hammers, pliers),

proper clothing(loose, old shoes and extra)

and call if you get lost. 573-259-1533

Directions From St.Louis;

44W to exit 247 Union

Continue right onto Hwy 50 W for approximately 17 miles

As you come in Beaufort, you will see a Mobil Station on left-slow down

Then you will see a Voss Conoco Station on right-slow more

IMMEDIATELY behind Conoco building is Hwy 185N turn right

Go app. 8/10ths of a mile, you will see a county road, Krenning on right-slow again

We are NEXT drive on right.

Exactly 9/10ths of a mile from Hwy 50 and 185

Gray 2 story house w/green fence.

Reminder-we are trying to be as Green as Possible

so if you can, bring what you will be eating or drinking out of...if not- no worries. We will provide.

Everyone is welcome and we will see you tomorrow!



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