Sunday, April 11, 2010

After the Riot

Kristen Hinman of the Riverfront Times gave this definition of Mob; (noun): a riotous crowd; a flock or herd. Well there certainly was a riotous crowd here yesterday. I am still recovering and truthfully I don't know what from, as they did all of the work!

Randy, Jamie, Derek, Gina and Caleb spent most of the day shoveling out the barn. Julie Holley(Earth Dance) was in there for a couple of hours too after she superintended the strawberry patch brigade. There were probably others in there too, but it's all just a blur to me. Randy was in there almost the entire day though.

Nicola, Jennifer, Nickie, Kathi,
Gretchen, Libby, Julie Holley
and Kristen in the Strawberry patch.
Now you can actually see it.

Everyone couldn't make it for the originally scheduled day so people just kept showing up. It was amazing. Lori Murray(Murray's Orchard)had guests at her B&B in Kirkwood(bet most of you didn't know that about her)so she came late and helped transplant trays of tomatoes along w/my sister in law Pam, my niece Anne and later Molly and Sue(Earth Dance) and of course there was Julie H. right in the middle of it too near the end of the day. Slow Foods was represented by Becky and Kelly, and Earth Dance contributed yet more hands w/Kris and her husband(Joe?)Kris was a little frustrated that the chickens were pulling out the broc and cabbage transplants as fast as she could plant them. A school friend of mine, Kim showed up w/her "Will work for Salsa"sign and most importantly her craftsman boyfriend(Pat)who hung a door for me and helped her to redo our walkway. Pat Quigley really got a lot of people from a lot of different places together to make this work out. His mom(Mary) and Josh Osborne directed parking and his sister Kathi along w/Becky from Slow Foods repaired a gate. Lunch ROCKED thanks to Julie Ridlon of Chanterelle Catering who was assisted by Louise Belt. It was so much of a relief to not have to cook during all of this. I think that everyone would've starved had I been in charge of one more thing. But again...I'm not really sure what I did since everyone else was doing all of this work...Why AM I so tired? Maybe I'll figure it out later....Thanks to EVERYONE again. I hope that I didn't forget anyone.
Yep; A Riotous(Righteous) Mob!



Derek, Jamie and Jen(I think) replacing a fence line.

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