Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Onto New Horizons!

Well, I guess that some of you were wondering if we were EVER going to talk about anything ELSE. Today we do have some new subjects in mind;

Summer is quickly approaching. If you are watching the temperatures, we are about 20 degrees higher than is the norm for this time of year. Sure we get a few nice days like these in March and April, but not one after another like we have been this year. For goodness sake, the catfish have already started surfacing in my lake!

In any case, we all know what summer means...TOMATOES!

Here is a more complete list of what we will be offering both as plants at Market and as produce later in the season.

Heirlooms;:Pinks; Thai Pink Egg, Ponderosa Pink, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, Pink Stuffer, Pink Oxheart, Missouir Love Apple, Purples(Blacks); Paul Robeson, Black From Tula, Black Brandywine, Black Plum,Violet Jasper(limited) Purple Carbon(but this one will not be available until late). Reds; Crimson Beefsteak, Rutgers, Costelulo Genovese, Amish Paste, Red Roma, Paste Tomatoes(still Heirloom) Black Plum, Plum Tigris, Amish Paste, Red Roma, Plum Lemon. Oranges, MoonGlow. Greens; Green Zebra, Green Grape, Yellows; Plum Lemon, Lemon Boy(Late),Golden Jubilee, Yellow Topaz(limited). Cherries; Red currant, Sweetie cherry, Warrens Yellow Cherry, Thai Pink Egg and Green Grape.

We will be selling these all later as produce along w/Orange Smudge and and couple of others.

Tomorrow we will be at Schlafly for our Wednesday Market on Southwest Ave. We WILL have a LIMITED amount of plants. Then the following week we are shooting for full scale. As usual we will have eggs and 5 kinds of Granola. We hope to see you there. The market begins as always at 4 p.m. and goes until 7.


Sam, Bill and

Gina-Our New Farm Manager! More on this later

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