Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who let the Chickens out ...Us us !

A portion of our flocks and of course our chicken guard dog, Ribbons.

SO as everyone at the Markets know, For several weeks we had the chickens locked in the barn. There were various reasons for this including frozen eggs, frozen combs and frozen chickens. We had our original flock along w/the new Silkies from the rescued flock in the room that we call the chicken house but is really a separation of the original stable area. Then the remainder of the new flock was in the new room that Billy divided in the front of the barn. We had put the new flock out in the garden for about 2 weeks, but they just would not go into the shelter we had made. Every night Billy would go out there and put them under and the next night he would go back out again and the whole thing would start over. So Billy fixed their space and back in they went. When it's cold like this, other than the bigger space issue there really is no benefit to their being outside in the winter. The ground is too hard to scratch anything up, they have to work harder staying warm, less light etc. When there is an occasional nice day, they get out to party! However, in the barn, they get continuous extra light, warm water, all the cracked corn and laying mash they can eat and we juice so they get lots of fresh vegetable and fruit pulp. Organic carrots, apples from Centennial Farms, spinach from Tim at Silent Oaks, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, tangerines. In any case, they are out in abandon now and having a ball.

Chickens feeding w/our Sebastapol gander showing off since it's breeding season and I am standing a little too close to his girlfriend.

Tomorrow we will be at St. John's Espiscopal Church on Arsenal w/our own personal arsenal of goodies. Sauces, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, and lots of FRESH eggs. Time- 9a.m. - 1 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

I promise, next week....Greenhouse update. What tomatoes, peppers and Heirlooms are growing.


Sam and Bill

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